L'Oreal Paris Paradise Extatic Mascara Review!

15 January 2018

As I mentioned a few blog posts ago, I've been having a mini break from blogging but as part of my 2018 resolutions, I want to get back into it but this time, with a vengeance. 

Now my first (technically second) review of 2018 is this mascara that's been sitting in my make-up box for so long now that it's not even classed as a "new" product. I brought it probably last summer and although I've been using it everyday since, I haven't got round to actually writing up the review.

I was immediately attracted to the mascara after watching the TV advertisement and then seeing the list of how amazing it was that I went straight on Superdrug's website and ordered myself one (among other things but that's another story!).

l'oreal paradise extatic mascara
l'oreal paradise extatic mascara
l'oreal paradise extatic mascara
l'oreal paradise extatic mascara

Like I said above, I've been using this mascara for a good couple of months now and I know that it's been that long because I've actually already used up my first tube and I've had to now go buy a second. It really lengthened and volumised my lashes to the point that when I put my glasses on, my lashes kept touching the lens every time I blinked. That's when you know they're long!

The formula was really gentle on my eyes and easily rubbed off at the end of the day. If I had to give them a mark out of 10, then I'd definitely give it an 11 hands down. It's probably the best mascara that I've used in a while and like I said above, I've already been out and brought a second tube. I'll definitely be going back to buy a third as well!

If you're in the market for a new mascara then definitely check out this one on the Superdrug website where it's in a 3 for 2 offer! 
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Guest Post | The Smart Guide To Tattooing - Pros & Cons

12 January 2018


“Tattoos used to be worn just by criminals and dirty sailors, you know,” the old man says smugly, as he regards you with a condescending gaze. “They’re for the frivolous and vain, for the prostitutes, and not smart young men and women of stature,” he drones on, as you fight not to roll your eyes. Heard it all before? Tattoos are immoral and impractical, they’ll go out of fashion, you’ll regret such a permanent mark, what will you do when you’re sixty and your skin starts to sag? We’ve heard this kind of reasoning before, but luckily, it doesn’t really represent reality. To enter a discussion about tattoos and whether you should get one, it’s important to really get all your facts straight. To help, we’ve made a quick little guide that will explain what you’ll be getting into, and what are the good and bad sides of tattoo artistry. 

A brief overview of history

guest post smart guide to tattoos

Tattoos are not, in fact, something that was only ever worn by sailors, criminals, and prostitutes. The history of tattoos is a long one, and it starts all the way back in ancient Egypt, where they indicated various things on a person, from their social status, to their religion. In Borneo, women who were particularly skilled at something had a tattoo that indicated their mastery of it. The word itself is derived from the Tahitian “tatu,” which means “to mark something.” Painting and adorning our body has always been essential to the human race, and all parts of the world have their own, varied history with tattoos. 

Different types of styles


If you are seriously considering a tattoo, one of the most important things you should think about is the style. Some people like old school Western kind of approach, while some would love the incredibly beautiful and popular watercolour artwork. You can read about different types of styles here, and see whether you prefer realism, dotwork, geometry, or something else entirely. 

Finding the right artist

guest post smart guide to tattoos

Artists of any kind are varied, and the person who’s really good at sketch tattoos might be completely terrible at grasping the traditional old school styles. It’s not just about finding a good or bad tattoo artist, it’s about finding someone whose creativity and vision appeals to you, and who understands your own idea and can paint it on your skin. To find the right person, browse the artist’s work online, or go to their parlour and look at their portfolio. 

Remember that tattoos are long-lasting

guest post smart guide to tattoos

Tattoos last quite a while, which is both a good and a bad thing. If you have something very important to you, you can mark it on your skin permanently, you can make sure it’s there for you to look at, to remember, and to enjoy. But the issue arises if, at any point after getting inked, you realise you no longer like your tattoo. Despite what grumpy old people who associate tattoos exclusively with rebellious teens say, it’s really not the end of the world. Mistakes happen, so if you’ve inked something you regret, laser tattoo removal is a safe, efficient way to remove the ink from your skin over the course of several treatments. 

They will require touch-ups

Tattoos fade. Some of them will require retouching only after a decade, and some will need it a lot more often. It depends on the style, size, and the placement of the tattoo. For example, white ink tattoos fade more quickly, and so do tattoos on your hands, and fingers. 

You might have to cover them up

guest post smart guide to tattoos

While more accepted than ever, a lot of people still dislike tattoos and are prone to passing quick judgement if they see you with one. Unless you work in a very modern, laid-back kind of environment, you will need to cover them up and hide them to maintain a look that your boss considers to be professional. That’s why you always need to consider your tattoo placement really well. Can it be hidden underneath a button-up blouse?
Before we go, here’s a bunch of badass seniors that should answer the “But what about when I get old” question. 

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Cocktail Flavourited Weight Loss Shake?! | Cute Nutrition Review

11 January 2018


It's the New Year and it's that time where everyone is starting their diets after weeks of bad eating over the Christmas period and most of us are trying to do the quickest and easiest way possible. I can't really judge as I've been doing the same myself!

A couple of weeks ago after flicking through my Facebook feed, I noticed a small ad for a company called Cute Nutrition. The packaging and the advertising looked really cute and it intrigued me enough to click on the link.

After looking through their website, I knew I had to place an order and luckily for me, they sell handy starter bundles to suit what you want. In the end I decided on the "workout" bundle and an extra tub of the Porn Star Martini shake!

cute nutrition

Sorry for the bad picture but blame our gorgeous Winter English weather for making it so dark and gloomy!

Yes, as you read above I brought a Porn Star Martini flavoured milkshake. And the flavour I got in the bundle was a Strawberry Daiquiri. How lush do they sound? Now don't worry, if you're not a borderline alcoholic like myself, they also provide "normal" milkshake like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry and they've also recently brought our new flavours like peaches and cream and cookies and cream. Yum!

I've been using these shakes and vitamins for a couple of weeks now and I have noticed a difference to how I feel. I'm a few pounds down and I just generally feel better. Obviously while I can't say it's all down to the shakes as I've always made other lifestyle changes as well, but it definitely gave me a boost!

I'm not promoting a completely meal supplement diet as I do believe you also need to eat proper food every once in a while but I have been using these shakes for when I'm at work or when I just can't be bothered to cook and incorporated them into my daily life.

If you're looking for that new easy way to diet then I'd definitely check out Cute Nutrition! 

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