05 December 2016

Guest Post | 11 Top Tips for Winter Foot Care!


Many people think that their feet will need little care during the winter because they are protected by shoes and socks; however, this is really not the case because: 
Closed shoes provide a perfect environment for fungus, which is the cause of most foot maladies.
Winter dryness and heated air can cause the skin on your feet to dry out and crack.
Foot and ankle injury due to slippery footing is another very real hazard in wintertime.
In this article, I will discuss these problems and provide sound advice to help you keep your feet healthy and happy all winter long. Read on to learn more.

winter foot care

1. Treat Yourself To A Foot Spa 
At the end of summer your feet may be dry and rough from exposure. Prepare them for winter with soaking, exfoliating and moisturising. This helps prevent injury caused by hard skin snagging on the insides of your socks. A foot spa is a wise purchase that will help you prep your feet for winter and enjoy relaxation and good foot care throughout the winter months. 

2. Use The Right Moisturiser
For very challenging hard skin, an overnight application of coconut oil covered by old cotton socks is a good idea. In the daytime, use a non-oily lotion or cream containing anti-fungal essential oils such as tea tree, eucalyptus or lavender to deflect fungus.

3. Wear The Right Shoes or Boots
Wear properly fitted shoes or boots through the winter to avoid blisters and ingrown toenails. Be sure your footwear has ample wiggle-room in the toe box. Wear clean, absorbent, cushiony socks to provide protection against friction.

4. Keep Your Shoes Dry
Alternate your boots and shoes to give them ample time to air out between wearing. Apply a good anti-fungal foot powder to the insides of your footwear before donning.

5. Deal With Fungus Ruthlessly
It is impossible to do away with fungus entirely. It is everywhere, all the time; however, you can prevent it from getting a literal foothold by spraying the insides of your boots and shoes with anti-fungal solution before storing them for the warmer months. Be sure your storage area has good air circulation. Examine your footwear for signs and scents of fungus before wearing. Discard and replace as needed.

6. Stay Well Hydrated
Winter air can be dry and uncomfortable both indoors and outdoors, causing dehydration, which presents challenges to every aspect of your health. When you are dehydrated, the skin all over your body suffers and dries out. Drinking plenty of pure, filtered water every day keeps your skin supple and well moisturised all over - including on your feet!

7. Avoid Foot & Ankle Injury
When selecting your winter footwear, opt for practicality over style. Your shoes and boots should fit securely, provide good support and have excellent traction. When walking outdoors in winter, exercise caution and common sense. Don't struggle under heavy burdens, and be vigilant regarding the conditions surrounding you. Look out for ice patches, don't step into deep snow where the condition of the ground beneath is unknown. 
Don't rush around! Schedule your outings wisely by giving yourself plenty of time to get where you are going. 

8. Keep Your Walking Areas Clear
If you experience heavy ice in your area in the wintertime, be sure to have systems in place to keep it under control. Stock up your anti-ice equipment and supplies in advance and be sure to store them where you can access them once the snow begins to fall. 

9. Take Extra Care If You Are Diabetic
Stay vigilant about the condition of your feet by checking every night before you go to bed. Clean your feet well, moisturise and attend to any problems promptly. See your podiatrist right away if you notice bruising or other injuries. 

10. Keep Your Feet Warm
Avoid problems with chapped skin and even frostbite by warming your feet up when they get cold. Soaking in a warm foot spa is an excellent way to improve circulation in your feet and keep warm. Be sure to follow up with a good moisturiser to protect your skin. 

11.  See Your Doctor Or Podiatrist To Deal With Problems
If you experience corns, serious blisters or problems such as severely cracked heels, corns or discoloured toenails, don't take any chances. Make an appointment with your doctor or your podiatrist for a proper diagnosis and treatment. You can waste a lot of time and money trying to treat foot problems without knowing exactly what is causing the problem. 
Feet can take a beating in the wintertime, but with proper care and caution you can avoid serious problems. Follow the tips presented here to enjoy happy, healthy wintertime feet.

Author Bio: This is a guest post written by Nicky Ellis who is a certified podiatrist in London and also have her own blog about foot care.

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01 December 2016

Guest Post | Best Hair Trends for Fall This Year


With the change in season, we need to alter the way we dress up, put on makeup and definitely cannot go on with the same messy summer buns and denim boxers anymore. Updating yourself with the trends is vital if you are one fashion fanatic like me or at least someone who cares about fitting in or maybe just have the updated knowledge to brag on. *Wink wink*

As we all are aware of the fact that fall is here and therefore, here are the latest trends in town for fall 2016:

I have come with great news for those who are bored of wearing the same straightened and split-less hair, well guess what? That trend ends now. Similarity in hair texture and quality is not what this season demands from you. You can now embrace your own hair, be it curly, wavy or perfect straight. You need no extra efforts or styling, just rinse and dry your hair and you are ready. This is the kind of style many of us had been wishing for. 

Go on and purchase barrettes, hair bands and all the trendy hair jewelry you find and add hues and class to your hairdos. Antique style should be your first choice while purchasing the hair jewelry. Giving your hair a little glam in this beautiful season will work like a cherry on top for every hairstyle that you make. So what is the entire wait for? Get yourself all striking head jewelry you find before others do.

The very old super elegant style is back after ages. All you need to do is make a ripple out of the forward-facing lock of hair and settle it with the gorgeous antique barrette in fashion. And there you are, all ready to roll for just about any event. 

Separating your hair in the middle is sort of out of fashion now and what a assertive woman of 2016 needs is to bring her hair to one side and give herself a neat, brave and sleek look. This would go perfectly with all the working women I must say, especially the doctors and nurses who have a uniform to wear with too little to experiment.

Sombré is the new subtle ombré which makes the same ombré solid colors a softer touch. It's best for those who are not always up for a major change immediately and suits just about any complexion and any individual; either it is a blonde or a brunette.

If you are in a hurry to step out for some place like school or a meet-up, this is the best hairdo for you. All you need to do is to make a knot out of your hair in any manner you like. You do not even need to settle your hair perfectly in place for it. Your hands can do a pretty decent job too. One knot in your hair at the back or on one side can give you a perfect picture of the 18th century when people used to sport these knots with love. 

beth martelAuthor Bio:
This post was written by Beth Martel. She is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. She blogs at HealthyRecharge.com

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24 November 2016

What To Buy Your Best Friends This Christmas!


How do you decide what to buy your best friends? It’s a problem I come across each and every year when I start to put together the Christmas gift pile. It isn’t quite the same as buying for family members; you know that if your mum decides to exchange whatever you bought her that it isn’t the end of the world, but you always feel a little pang of disappointment if you don’t get the right gifts for the girls.

Over the years though, I’ve come up with some present ideas that have gone down a storm, so I thought I’d share them with you in case the panic is starting to set in.

Time for a treat
If your friends are the kind that like to have a weekly pampering session, or if they’d love to but never seem to find the time, then why not try buying them a gift that will help them to make time? If your budget is a little on the tighter side this year, pick up a pampering gift set by a spa company like Champney’s; from body creams and bath oils that will help them relax at the end of a hard day’s work, to luxury manicure and pedicure products – you’re bound to find something that they’ll love.

If you have a little more to spend though, why not look on sites like Treatwell and Groupon for spa day offers at country manors and 5 star hotels? You’ll be top of the Christmas card list from now on if you present them with this at your next get-together!

High-quality jewellery
A charm bracelet or gemstone necklace is the perfect gift for a best friend. Not only can you pick the charm yourself which says something about their personality, but you can match it with a stone that carries spiritual properties or says something about your friendship.

For example, you could pick out a beautiful beaded bracelet made from pink Aventurine, which is a calming stone and a symbol of your strong friendship, and add a Hamsa Hand charm to represent protection, bringing happiness, luck, health and good fortune. The fact that you can be so personal with this kind of gift makes it completely unique to the wearer, and there’s a huge selection of these pieces on ChloBo.co.uk.

Winter accessories
Let’s not forget that Christmas is only really the beginning of the winter weather, with a lot of the cold, blustering winds continuing well into March. With this in mind, beautifully patterned scarfs, wraps and hats will always be welcomed gifts.

I’ve always had a fantastic reception when I’ve given my friends leather gloves or luxurious fur scarfs, but of course, winter also means plenty of parties, so don’t rule out looking for matching clutch bags and shawls. Now they can transform that simple black dress into a stunning cocktail ensemble.

Do you have any more ideas for what you can buy your best friend?
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