Maybelline FIT Me Foundation, Concealer & Powder Review ♥


Recently a lot of people have been complimenting me on my makeup and how great it looks so I wanted to make a little review about my new Maybelline FIT me set.

 While shopping with my friend recently, we decided to pop into Superdrug and I ended up buying up all 3 items thanks to a lovely 3 for 2 offer. The foundation was £7.99 and both concealer and powder was £5.99 which I didn't think was too bad.

Foundation shade 135

 Concealer shade 15

 Pressed power Shade 125

The thing I liked most about getting these items was that it was SO easy to actually find my shade. In my earlier teenage years, I've been known for having no clue on makeup what so ever and always buying foundation far too dark for my skin.

In my local store they had a sort of "process of elimination" chart next to the products. To first pick light, medium or dark, then to pick either pink or yellow undertones.
After I did this, it gave me three possible foundation fits for my shade. I eventually picked out number 135 for my foundation (the darkest out of my three), concealer as 15 and my 
powder as 125.


This is me with all 3 products on and just a little mascara and eyeliner.

Since the whole BB cream came out and went really big in UK, I honestly haven't used my foundations and been opting for my BB nearly everyd day but after using the Maybelline FIT me range I may have to rethink!

I really liked the foundation as I thought it fit my skin tone perfect. The concealer did the job and hide my blemishes and spots. The powder I wasn't so impressed with. I found that as a girl who suffers with oily skin, it didn't last long and I had to keep reapplying when I was out.

All in all, I did enjoy the range and I would recommend buying it!
Now I need to buy the blusher ;)

Full makeup on. 
Sorry for bad quality, took on my iPhone!

Check out the link below so you can pick out your shade :)


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