Perfect for Summer: Maybelline Popsicle Lipstick Review!


 I recently brought 4 of these lipsticks and I love them so much that I don't leave the house without one in my handbag!
I brought them in shades Crystal Pink, Citrus Slice, Cherry Pop, Pink Sugar. As they were quite new when I first brought them, these were the only ones left in stock!

  They give my lips a nice shine and a very sheer tint of colour. Although the colour isn't very bright, I found the lipsticks to be a little like lip stains as the colour lasted a while after moisture had gone.

 Each lipstick also has a gorgeous fruity scent which isn't too sickly like some other lipsticks. The Cherry Pop one is my favourite as the Cherry scent is very yummy!

 The packaging of the lipsticks are very bright and colourful, perfect for summer!

(L-R) 040 Crystal Pink, 060 Citrus Slice, 080 Cherry Pop, 010 Pink Sugar.
Damaged the Crystal Pink on a night out :(

 Wearing 080 Cherry Pop

 Wearing 010 Pink Sugar

 Wearing 040 Crystal Pink

As they're transparent they didn't show up much on a swatch test so I didn't bother uploading the picture.
 I really liked these lipsticks as they were perfect for out and about in the day but I wouldn't rate much for going out on the night. I didn't like that the moisture wasn't long lasting which meant I had to keep re-applying.

All in all though, I do like them and I would recommend you girls to buy at least one as they are a nice little lipstick.

I hope this helped you guys!

yay for first post! ♥

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