Crazy Colour - Cyclamen Review ♥


It's been a while since my last blog so I have lots to catch up on! 

About two months ago, I decided I wanted to experiment with my hair without taking anything off the length as I'm trying to grow it out. My friend invited me to go to Capital Hair & Beauty with her a couple of days after and I decided I'd have a look around to see if anything caught my eye.

I saw the Crazy Colour section and after about 30 minutes looking at all the colours, I finally ended up picking out the Cyclamen No. 41 shade. In store, it looked very dark red/pink which was exactly what I was looking for.

I found the dye to be very thick and easy to apply (I used a mixing bowl and brush for precision). I left it on for around 15-30 minutes and washed straight off. The only bad thing was the bottle had no nozzle and you basically have to squeeze/slap the colour out (Which I did, and ended up squirting half the bottle up my bedroom wall! Terrible!)

As my hair was ombre to start with, my ends were already bleached quite light which made the colour even brighter. I did purposely try and fade the colour myself by washing more regularly and even using a colour remover but even so, the colour lasted around a month for me.

 Before and after

 All in all, I really liked the colour, it was very bright and "in your face". It gave me that much needed change and I got many compliments from friends and family. I would definitely use again or buy more shades.

 After it started to fade, the pink started to go ombre :)

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