Get that beach look: L'Oreal Studio Matt & Messy Sea Salt Spray ♥


Since most beauty bloggers have been raving about sea salt spray and how it was really in trend, I thought it was time to join them to see if they are really all that. I decided to go with the L'Oreal Studio Matt & Messy spray which retails at about £3.56 in Superdrug and Boots as the advert looked promising and I've used other L'Oreal hair products in the past.


On the label it says to "Spray on dry or damp hair and ruffle for an instant texturising effect. For tousled waves define sections and twist with your fingers." which is exactly what I did on the pictures below.

 This is my hair after I've got out the shower, no products and just blow dried.

 After, just sprayed and ruffled my hair.

As you can see my hair is textured after spraying but sadly, this is as good as it gets. Within 10-20 minutes my hair was straight and very sticky to touch. I found the smell of the spray to linger all day and actually make me a little sick by the night. 

I did try and give it a second chance on another day when I had curled my hair using my tongs and instead of using hairspray, I opted for the sea salt and once again wished I hadn't bothered!

I want to say it was just my hair type and that the spray was really good but it's not a favourite of mine and I wouldn't be buying again!

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