I ♥ Primark!!


In my previous blog, I wrote about how I went to my local shopping centre yesterday and spent a ridiculous amount of money and I wanted to make a separate blog about Primark!

I love Primark. I am the sort of person who will buy an item of clothing, wear it once or twice and get bored of it and sell it on eBay. Primark is perfect for me as most of their clothes are cheap and doesn't break my bank when I do buy a lot.

As it's normally the way that when you have money to spend, you can't find anything, I left the shop after only purchasing three items. THREE!!

 The first thing I brought was this beautiful bright neon coral Aztec skirt for £7.00. It's a stretchy Viscose material with an elasticated waist. As I'm a bigger girl, it doesn't come up too short on me and it's perfect for those summer days out. I loved it the minute I saw it and for £7.00, I couldn't say no!

 The next thing I brought was this patterned dress with a crochet panel across the waist. When I first saw this dress, I loved it but was wary about the middle! As a bigger girl, I try and avoid bringing attention to my stomach but after trying it on, it wasn't so bad so in the basket it went! The dress was £10 which I think was an absolute steal!

My final purchase was this Aztec print necklace. I've been looking for something similar for a while now so I just decided to buy it! It alternates between a silver and bronze which I loved as many are just the one colour and for £3, I just had to buy!

As I've said before, I do love Primark but this time, I just wasn't impressed by anything. I tried several more items on but they just didn't do anything for me. This was quite disappointing but I was still happy with what I brought.

Hopefully they'll have some better clothes out for winter!

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