My Top 7 Fav Summer Nails! ♥


Since it's summer I thought I would make a quick review about all my favourite nail varnish shades to wear in the upcoming weeks!

I love going into my local drugstore and testing out all the new nail polishes, I hardly ever buy designers brands or generally more expensive ones as I find that the cheaper brands have just as good products to offer. Alot of these nail polishes are colours i've gathered over the years, some even brought off Ebay. 

As I work as a Data Entry Clerk which mainly involves me on a computer all day typing, I find that nail polishes don't last on me and they chip a lot quicker. I have tried all of these nail polishes at work and found most of them lasted and didn't chip so easily.

 (From L-R; NYC in 109, Avon in Aqua Fantasy, Avon in Loving Lavender, Nails inc in OMP!, Barry M in Coral, Nails inc in Atomic and Barry M in Peach Melba)

 Here we go!

New York Color Long Lasting Nail Enamel in 109 Pink Promenade Creme - I really love this colour as it's very bright and eye-catching. I thought the colour went on really smooth, it only needed one coat and it actually lasted on me.

Avon Nailwear Pro in Aqua Fantasy - This has recently become one of my favourites for summer and I honestly think i've had it on my toes for the past 2 weeks as I don't wanna take it off! I've only put the one coat on my nail in the picture above, but sometimes I apply more to make the colour a little brighter.

Avon Nailwear Pro in Loving Lavender - Another colour I'm loving from Avon. I brought this the same time as the Aqua Fantasy and I honestly think they look great together. Same problem with Aqua though, I think you need more than one coat to get the true colour.

Nails inc in OMP! - I got OMP! and Atomic nail polishes in a set that Nails inc were doing for Fabulous Magazine, I'm not sure if you can buy outside of that set. The OMP! is a very similar pink colour to the NYC and the Barry M Coral but I think the OMP! is brighter and more pink.

Nails inc in Atomic - The second part of the Fabulous offer is a shocking bright orange colour. I was a little scared to wear it at first as it wasn't very me but after a few compliments I now love this colour! The thing I love about my Nails inc is that they are good enough with just one coat and not many need a second which is definitely true about these two.

Barry M in 296 Coral - This is oldest out of all these nail polishes and has always been the first one I go to when summertime starts! It's a bright slightly neon coral colour and more red/pink compared to the NYC and OMP!. It can be a bit faded with one coat so I always put at least two on to make it as bright as possible.

Barry M in 318 Peach Melba - I'm still very on and off about this colour. I've worn it mostly on my toes, which I love but I'm still not sold on my hands. It is a nice baby pink colour and I thought it went on really smooth, no need for second coat either. I will try and make an effort to use this more for the rest of 2013!

Thanks :)

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