Seventeen Lip Crayon - BOLD ♥


Since summer is upon us, I thought it was time for me to branch out of my usual nudes and pinks and buy an orange lipstick to match the bright and beautiful weather outside.

I have heard many good things about lip crayons so when I came across the Seventeen Lip Crayon range, they seemed a perfect place to start.


I decided on the BOLD shade as it was exactly what I was looking for and stood out amongst other lip crayons. It's an orange colour but when applied it has hints of red and coral as well.

 "Colour yourself a quick shade of gorgeous! For lips that feel moisturised and are finished with shine!"

I found it hard to take a good swatch of this colour as it was so gorgeously pigmented and every room I tried to take a photo in didn't show amazing it is!

Although it's orange, I found Bold wasn't too over the top for everyday use. As soon as I walked through the door at work, people were complimenting me on the colour!

The crayons are very moisturing to apply and the colour lasts for around 2 hours (depending on if you eat/drink) before you need to apply another coat.

There is no scent with these crayons which to be honest is fine with me as many other leading brands tend to bring out lipsticks with horrible scents and actually it hard for me to wear.

All in all, i'm really loving this colour and for £4.99 each, I would definitely go back and check out the other colours.

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