W7 BIG lash Mascara ♥


Since my favourite mascara, the Avon Catwalk SuperCurlacious Mascara is no longer available to order, I decided I would shop around a bit and try something new. The first thing I found was the w7 Big Lash mascara.


In the past, I always seem to buy thick, curl brush mascaras as I honestly think they're the best. The thin comb brushes do absolutely nothing for me and actually make my lashes look like spiders eyes. 

When I curl my lashes in a curler, they look brill but within a few hours my lashes have completely straighted out! This is why when I do buy a new mascara, I always look for ones that guarantee lasting volume.

The w7 brush was perfect for me as it had both of those things. The brush was very big and thick and gave my lashes a perfect little lift throughout the day.


All in all, I really liked this mascara.
It was cheap and cheerful, it didn't clump up my lashes and it didn't leave me with panda eyes by the end of the day.

I brought mine off Ebay for £1.50 but you can buy off amazon for around the same price. What have you got to lose with a price like that?!

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