Bourjois Rouge Hi-Tech Lip Tint ♥


On one of my recent shopping trips, I went into Poundland on the off chance and found a stand full of Bourjois Rouge Hi-Tech Lip Tints. Because it was Poundland and what you see is what you get, I could only pick up two shades; 82 Rouge Futuriste and 88 Neo caramel.

I normally only wear pink & red lipsticks but I thought I would venture out and give Neo Caramel a chance as it's more of a brown.

 Precise applicator makes it easier to apply.

 (Rouge Futuriste)

(Neo Caramel)

I really like these liptints. Unlike many other brands, the Bourjois Rouge are water based which I found made them much easier to apply. Normally when I apply lip tint, I find as soon as I put the pen to lip, it's dry and if you mess up, you really have to scrub your lips to get it off. But the Bourjois was very glossy to apply and then slowly dried into the lip tint.

After a few hours of wearing the lip tint, it felt like there was no moisture on my lips but after looking in the mirror, the colour was still on my lips and was still quite bright. I think if you do care about having glossy lips, just adding lip gloss or vaseline would go perfect with this lip tint. 

All in all, I was quite happy with both of these lip tints, especially for the price of £1 and i'm just gutted they didn't have them in more shades!

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