Dry Shampoo: Which is best?!


As I have said in previous blogs, I am a BIG fan of dry shampoos as I think they're miracle workers for people in a rush and don't have time to wash their hair. As my hair is quite long and thick, I find it takes me forever to dry so I would much rather use dry shampoo!

Over the years, I've tried quite a few different brands and I thought i'd write a few review on my loves and hates and hopefully give you a reason to you buy one yourself!

 (L-R Bristows Original, Batiste Lace, Lush No Drought, Charles Worthington Balancing Act, Batiste XXL Volume)


First off, the Bristows Hair Fresh in Original. Personally I hate it. I know that sounds harsh but I really don't think it's a good product. You spray and spray and it didn't seem to do anything to my hair. Also the smell is vile. I tried it one day for work and I couldn't wait to come home just to shower. I know they do them in different scents but I wouldn't bother.

Next is I think the brand that's been around the longest, Batiste. I remember my aunt having an old bottle of this in the 90's and it was good stuff then. Now they've brought out an array of scents and colours and my favourite one to use for everyday use is the Lace. It's a gorgeous smell and it really does do the job without giving you grey roots. It's long lasting and doesn't clog up my hair. I think they normally cost about £2-3, depends if they're on offer. So I think it's a perfect all rounder!

I really love this dry shampoo, and even though it's been a few weeks since I brought it and i've been using it pretty much everyday, it's hardly made a dent in the bottle at all and I think for £6.50, i'd say that's good value! I have wrote a separate blog about this one, which you can read HERE.

I brought this dry shampoo from Home Bargains for about £2 which I thought was a right steal as it's normally over £5 in Superdrug! At first, I really liked this product as you don't need to spray much to feel like it's actually worked but after a while, I started to notice the typical grey roots you get with dry shampoos. I wasn't too keen on the smell of this dry shampoo but that's just my opinion! I know a few people really liked it but I think for a product so expensive, I wasn't impressed.


Another one of my favourites, but one I save for going out on a night. Once again, another great product from Batiste with the added bonus of volume. I brought it thinking it wouldn't do that much but boy was I wrong! I only need to sprayed a small amount on my roots and it looked like I had backcombed my hair. The only problem I found with this product is that my hair felt really clogged down the next day so it's not the sort of product for everyday use.

I know that there are so many different brands out there with their own dry shampoos claiming to do different things to you hair and it's become such a palaver to just find the right one for you. Batiste themselves have 16 different dry shampoos to choose from! 

The best thing that I could advise someone is to buy the mini travel size bottles just so you can try different ones without wasting too much money!

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