I got paid!! :)


It was payday for me yesterday and since I was working all day, today was the first chance I got to go spend some dough! I only really got chance to go in Primark as it was sooo busy with it being so close to the kids going back to school but I still brought a bit.

 First time in awhile since I've had two bags full!

Brought some things from the Homeware section. Two pillows, the heart was £3 and the cat one was only £2. The little wicker heart was £1.50 and the reed diffuser was £1. Quite happy with all this for £7.50! The Jasmine and Amber reed diffuser smells so yummy as well.

I don't normally rate the jewellery from Primark as they normally break after one wear but I really liked these rings so I couldn't say no.

 The only clothes I brought was this Aztec top for £4, skinny jeans for I think £11 and a pair of black wedge heels for £10 which I thought were a bargain!

As I've said before in other blogs, I do really like Primark as their clothes are really cheap and most of them are really good quality. I personally, cannot justify going out and spending £50+ on dresses and shoes etc when I know I'm only going to wear them a few times where as in Primark, for £50 I'd be able to buy a full outfit and still have change to spare! Can't really argue with that!

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