Maybelline Baby Lips Review! ♥♥


One product that has gone a little crazy in the beauty world lately is the Maybelline Baby Lips collection. A few months ago, I started seeing a few American bloggers write reviews for them but since they had not been released in the UK at the time, all I could do was sit and wait patiently.

After weeks of waiting, they were finally released and to say I was excited was definitely an understatement! As soon I was done with work, I went straight to my local Superdrug  just to be able to say that I had one. Unfortunately, I think a few other ladies had the same idea as they was hardly any left. I did however get to purchase the yellow Repair lip balm and I was quite impressed. A couple of weeks later, I ended up in a larger Superdrug and managed bag three more to add to my collection!

 L-R Peach Kiss, Repair, Hydrate and Cherry Me.

A good thing about the lip balms was that a few of them are actually tinted with colour. The Peach Kiss is a nude pink while the Cherry Me is a very subtle red. The only other lip balm I was impressed with for lip tint was the Nivea A Kiss of Cherry lip balm but after a few hours, the cherry smell became abit too sickly and I had to wipe it off. Although the Peach Kiss and Cherry Me are scented, they aren't overpowering and don't last too long but I see this as a Pro and not a Con.

I did find however that after a few hours of applying the balm,my lips had dried out and I had needed to reapply. I think if i'm buying a product that promises 8 hours of moisture, then I sort of expect at least half of that time.

I do really love my Baby Lips and I will be buying more when I can find them. I think they have become my must have to take with me when i'm out and about. Baby Lips really was worth the wait. 

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