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After reading another beauty blogger's post about the Rimmel Matte Finish Top Coat, I have been desperately trying to find me a bottle of it as I absolutely love matte nails! When Avon brought out their own little range of matte nail varnishes, I brought two bottles but I wasn't impressed with the colour choice (black, grey, dark red, dark blue and dark purple) So when I heard that Rimmel had this mattifying top coat that could turn ANY colour in matte effect, I was well over the moon!


When I last went my local shopping centre, I popped into Superdrug and Boots and I could not find this at all. I looked all around the beauty and makeup area and eventually gave up but I eventually found this product in B&M for £1!

 Before and after
Wearing Maybelline MNY in Shade 342.

As many of you already know, it's always best to start with a base coat before applying colour as it makes your nail colour more long-lasting. After doing that, I applied my colour which in this case was the Maybelline MNY in Shade 342, a gorgeous coral colour. Then I just apply one layer of the Matte Finish Topcoat and wait for it to dry!

For anybody who loves matte nails then this is the product for you. It's super easy to do and it's a lot better value for money than buying separate colour matte nail varnishes. I would definitely recommend to people and for £1, I can't really moan :)

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