Getting ready for Winter: Primark Boots! ♥


As the miserable winter months are well on their way, I thought I would start getting prepared by going shopping and buying a new winter wardrobe. Last year, I never brought any new boots so when all the heavy snow came and made going out for a shopping spree a right hassle, I decided to make do with old boots.

The one thing I was desperate to buy this year, was a pair of heeled boots which could be sexy and stylish for on a night out but also be comfy and warm for in the day. On a trip into New Look, I fell in love with a pair of cut out panel ankle boots for £24.99 but as it was so close to payday, I decided to hold off buying them and go back in a couple of days.

About a week later, I decided to go up to my local Primark and as I was looking around the shoe section, I came across a very similar pair of boots to the ones from New Look but for only £18! In the end I decided to buy them instead of the New Look boots so they went straight in my basket as I was walking to the tills, I spotted another pair of boots. These were light brown, faux suede ankle pixie boots and were an absolute steal at only £8!


I have already wore both of these shoes out and at the moment, have been quite impressed with them. Normally I have to wear in shoes because most rub me but both of these have been very comfortable from the get go. Also with me, I cannot walk in heels to save my life. The highest I can go is normally around 4 inches, any higher and I'm walking around as if I've had a few bottles of wine to drink. When it actually came to wearing the black boots though, they were really great to walk in and actually made me comfortable as if I was wearing flats.

In the end, I got what I wanted with the black boots as they are something I can wear in the day and night. I dont think they'll be very good in the rain or snow with the cut out panels but oh well! The brown boots were like a little bonus that I got with the money I saved from not buying the New Look boots. I'm not sure how long they'll last in the long run, but as long as they see me through to Spring next year, I'll be happy.

Both of these boots are in the stores now, The black for £18 and the brown for £8.

Poundland Beauty Haul! ♥


After reading a blog post by the lovely Victoria's Vintage the other day about bargains she'd recently found in Poundland, I thought I would do the same and head to my local Poundland and see what I could pick up.

Possibility Strawberry Souffle Shower Gel/Bubble Bath, Simple Baby Moisturising Wipes, Me To You Plasters, Pantene Colour Therapy 3 Minute Miracle Serum and Nail Buffer Blocks.

First of all, I LOVE Me To You. Anything with Tatty Teddy on it and I'm instantly drawn to it. I didn't particularly need wipes or plasters, but I just had to. I brought the Strawberry Souffle Bubble bath because I love taking long baths and finding a nice smelling bubble bath is important. It's also sad to admit that there's not many bubble bath products that I have not tried. 

The next thing I got was the Pantene Colour Therapy 3 Minute Miracle Serum. I brought this because I've really been loving Pantene at the moment (I'm currently using Protect & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner) and I expect the same from these. I have tried other hair treatments similar to this but as they were only £1, I couldn't exactly say no! Lastly, I brought a 4 pack set of nail buffer blocks. I had brought one of these a few years ago and it really does need replacing. I'm not sure how good they'll be but once again, for the price, you have to try.

L'Oreal Glam Shine Fresh in Aqua Lychee, Two Astor Perfect Stay Lip Tint in Nude Sweetness and Blushing Rose, NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Concealer in Medium, Rimmel Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch in Shimmering Sand and Bourjois Sweet Kiss Lipstick in Rose Corset.

I brought more of the Astor Lip Tints as I'd the one I'd brought previously from Fragrance Direct was really good so I decided to try out two more shades. The Rimmel Shimmer Touch was abit of an impulse buy as it's not something I would normally use in my daily makeup routine but since getting home and googling it, I'm now quite eager to try it. Lastly from Poundland, I brought the NYC Concealer. I don't think I've ever brought anything from the NYC range but since I was running low on my concealer, I thought I'd try it and see how I got on.

My best purchase of the day was my Bourjois Sweet Kiss Lipstick in Rose Corset. After finishing at Poundland, I decided to go to Tesco to get some lunch and of course, I found myself wandering over to the makeup section. I noticed there was a little stand with some makeup in which apparently was on sale and amongst them was this lipstick. It had been opened and had been caught by the lid, but other than that it looked in perfect condition so for £1.99, I thought that was a good deal. Another thing I picked up was the L'Oreal Glam Shine Lip gloss for 99p. I'm not keen on lip gloss at the moment, but in the past I have brought L'Oral lipgloss and found it to be really good so for an unopened bottle for 99p, I couldn't say no.

So really, on the makeup side of the haul, there wasn't too much that I liked, it was either brands I'd never heard of or what more of what I did buy. I also have found that a lot of shops like Poundland, Home Bargains and B&M, they seem to have A LOT of crackle effect nail polish. It was a fad that I was never really crazy on but it seems like a lot of different makeup brands jumped on the bandwagon and brought out lots of different versions like glitter and neon. So unless I wanted numerous bottles of crackle nail polish, they didn't seem much else to buy.

And lastly...

Why not? ☺

Dainty Doll Mascara & Eyeliner Duo by Nicola Roberts Review ♥

 A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a few beauty products to test out from the Fragrance Direct website and one of them was the Dainty Doll Mascara & Liquid Eyeliner Duo in Shape Up. I brought it, mainly as an impulse buy as I'd only recently brought a new mascara but after trying it out for a few days, it has made me very glad that I did buy it.

Dainty Doll cosmetics is a company developed by Nicola Roberts, who specialise in make up for women who have fair skin tones. Personally, I've always been a little pale, apart from after a week or two in Spain, but I would never say that I found it hard to find makeup for me so like I said, it was simply an impulse buy.

One side mascara and one side liquid eyeliner

Top- mascara 
Bottom- mascara and eyeliner 

I brought the duo in Shape Up 002 which is a brown shade, which is also very unlike me as ALL my mascara and eyeliners are blackest black but to be honest, the brown was a nice change. I found it made my eyes gentler and not as harsh as with a normal black eyeliner. The mascara brush was thick and didn't leave my eyelashes clumpy at all. 

I really liked this and I think for £1.99, you can't complain. The RRP is £17.50 though and I don't think i'd be willing to pay that much, especially when my favourite Maybelline Falsies mascara is normally only £8 in Superdrug. You can check the product out here on the Fragrance Direct website, but I think at the moment they've sold out. 

Primark Autumn OOTD Take 2! ♥


Since it's an outfit of the day, I'll just let the outfit do the talking☺

Ignore the bad hair day!

Gorgeous little ankle boots for only £8!

This is a very similar outfit to the last OOTD I did as everything worn was from Primark. The dress was £5, which was just the same but with a different print. The cardigan was actually in the sale from last year for only £5 and it's so thick and warm, perfect for these autumn nights! The ankle boots are (I presume) faux suede and are available in 4 different colours, including brown, black, grey and a beautiful dark red (I was too afraid to buy the red). For £8 for a pair of these boots, I think that's a bargain.

I really liked this outfit because, like the last one, it's perfect for going out in the day as it's quite casual but pretty and girly. I really am in love with their £5 dresses as they're good value for money and perfect for wearing around in the day. I will definitely be going back up to buy some more of them.  

MUA Matte Perfect Loose Powder Review ♥


As someone who suffers with oily skin, I really don't have much faith when it comes down to face powder. Over the years, I have tried many loose and pressed powders from different brands but when it comes down to being long lasting, most don't seem to fit the bill. 

So when I was on the MUA website recently, I came across their new matte range where they sell matte foundation, primer etc. Since matte products always seem the safe option for oily skin people, I decided on going for the matte loose powder as my current powder was running out and this would be the perfect opportunity to try something new.

With my new F4 MUA powder brush as well :)

My first impression was it was light and easy to apply, it didn't feel like I had lots of product caked on my face. The colour was translucent which suited me fine as i'm naturally pale anyway. It did control my shine to a certain degree but I found after a couple of hours, my nose and forehead had become shiny again. 

I did like this product but I wouldn't be swapping my normal powder for it anytime soon.

Rimmel Apocalips in Luna ♥


After watching a recent Zoella (love her!) video on her Youtube channel where she mentioned the Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers, I have been desperately wanting to order one for myself so when I saw them on, I couldn't help but order me one.

My little snail and duck :)

I ended up picking the shade "Luna" mainly because I love coral and I think it's a gorgeous colour for on the lips, especially in the summer. 

I feel a little uncertain on what to call the Apocalips as they have the coverage of a lipstick, the texture and gloss of a lip gloss and then last like a lip stain. In short, they're amazing.

I have heard nothing but good things about the Apocalips collection and I honestly believe they live up to all the hype. I know that A LOT of other bloggers have already wrote about how good they are and now I'm sort of jumping on the bandwagon, but they really are that good.

Like I said above, I brought this from the FragranceDirect website for £5.50 which is a 49p saving! woo! You can check them out here and see for yourself!

Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Crème Lipsticks: First Kiss & Orange Too Review ♥


Recently I ordered a few beauty items from (blog here) and the first thing that I tried was my two Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Crème Lipsticks. I really couldn't decide which shade to buy it in so I ended up ordering two; First Kiss and Orange Too. 

 Calvin Klein Lipstick in First Kiss

Swatches of Orange Too and First Kiss

 Orange Too

 First Kiss

When they finally arrived they didn't look like the colour I had imagined, or seen used by other beauty bloggers but without being too negative or put out, I tried them on. At first the Orange Too came across as abit too bright for me and First Kiss alittle too brown. Since I was trying to branch out from my usual shades of lipstick, I persisted using them both and in the end, I do like them both. 

I found both of these lipsticks to be thick and creamy (like their name suggests) and that Orange Too especially was highly pigmented. I would definitely wear Orange Too more for on a night as it would be perfect for snazzing (do people still say snazzing) up any outfit. First Kiss however has actually become my favourite day lipstick as i'm finding that lipstick with a more brown base suits me. I also wore First Kiss out to an event with friends for a few hours and the colour lasted so well, with me needing to reapply only the once.

As there were another 17 shades available on fragrance direct, I will definitely be going back and ordering more. I think for £1.99, they are an absolute steal. You can check them out here.

Primark Autumn OOTD ♥


Since starting this blog, I've never really done anything fashion related other than showing you a few bits and pieces I've brought recently so since I rather liked what I was wearing today, I thought I would show you!

  I'd recently picked out the dress from Primark for £5 which I thought was a bargain for how pretty it was. The denim shirt was one of my many steals I got off eBay. It's from the authentic casual wear range from BHS but I only paid £3 for it and it's perfect to wear as a shirt or over a dress as I've done above. I'm also wearing Primark black leggings which were £3. 

The best thing I think about my outfit is my new black buckle boots! I am very much in love with them and I haven't taken them off since I brought them. They were once again from Primark for £18 which is great as when I got home, I saw New Look were selling a very similar pair but for £24.99!

Fragrance Direct Mini Haul! ♥♥


This week, I have to admit, I did go a little bit mad with ordering online. Not only did I spend nearly £20 on the MUA website, which is hard as everything is so cheap! (blog here) I then moved onto the Fragrance Direct website. I've heard good things about Fragrance Direct as they sell top brand items for a discount price so once again my basket soon filled up.

 (Rimmel Apocalips in Luna, Calvin Klein Delicious Truth Lipstick in Retro, Two Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Creme Lipsticks in First Kiss and Orange Too, Dainty Doll Mascara and Eyeliner Duo in Shape up and Astor Perfect Stay Liptint in Mexican Pink.)

I'm normally a sucker for any new lipsticks so the majority of the things I brought were products I've been dying to try without having to pay the full price. I'm really excited to try all of these products, especially the Calvin Klein lipsticks as I've saw some really good reviews for them and as they were only around £1, it took a lot of willpower not to order one of every shade.

(Une Radiance Program Skincare Discovery Kit and Revlon ZP11 Anti Dandruff Shampoo for Oily Hair)

My two "wild card" purchases were the Une Radiance Programme and the Revlon Shampoo for Oily Hair. I brought the Une kit just to see if it would help revitalise my skin and as it was only £2.99, I thought why not? You get three mini bottles to use in different stages to help cleanse, purify and tone your skin. I read a lot of mixed reviews about this so i'm ready to give it ago and see. The Revlon Shampoo was simply because I needed some new shampoo and it was £2.99 for 400ml!

I was really impressed with FrangranceDirect, I ordered it on the Sunday with Express Tracked Delivery and it was here on Wednesday morning. There was so many different products to choose from and I honestly had to restrict myself with how much I was spending. I will definitely be ordering more when I need get paid!

I also hope to use these products soon and when I do, I'll write a new blog for each one I liked :)

Nivea In-Shower Moisturiser = MUST HAVE ♥♥


When it comes to body care, moisturising for me is literally non existent. I really don't have the patience to slather it all over me then sit and wait while it dries in before I can get dressed so when I heard that Nivea had brought out an in-shower moisturiser, I thought it was a perfect way to trick myself into moisturising!

The idea is you shower as normal, washing yourself with your usual products but then applying the moisturiser whilst still in the shower and rinsing off before getting out. The formula is activated by the water and is absorbed into the skin instantly. 

 After getting out the shower and drying off, I noticed my skin felt really soft and hydrated without any greasy residue you normally get with moisturisers. It surprised me how I hadn't left it on for that long but it felt like it had made such a difference to my skin.

 I think this is a perfect little product for people on the go and don't have time to moisturise or the lazy people like me who simply don't want to! I would definitely recommend this product to people as I can't really sing it's praises enough!

I picked the bottle for Normal skin as I don't really suffer with dry skin but it is also available for dry skin too for whose who do. It's currently on offer in Superdrug for £2.36 so go pick one up for yourself!

MUA Mini Haul! ♥


Recently, I've seen a lot of bloggers raving about the MUA eyeshadow palette in Undressed and boy is it hard to find! I went to my three local Superdrugs and they had sold out completely and even online they only had the more colourful palettes due to "high demands"!

Nevertheless, I carried on looking through the website and before I knew it, I had about 10 items in my basket. I decided a few were impulse buys really and I didn't need them so by the end, I settled on just 7 things.

 I brought the Matte Perfect Loose Powder in Translucent which was £2.30
Lipstick in shade 5 for £1
Matte Foundation in shade 2 - Honeycomb for £1 as it was in the sale
Three make-up brushes, one powder for £2.30 and two eyeshadow brushes for £1.95 each
And finally Pro-Base Fixing Mist for £5. 

I'm excited to try all of these out as soon as possible as I really love MUA for how cheap and underrated it is compared to other big high street brands. I will be doing separate blogs on each product and how I found them :) You can check out their website here.