Getting ready for Winter: Primark Boots! ♥


As the miserable winter months are well on their way, I thought I would start getting prepared by going shopping and buying a new winter wardrobe. Last year, I never brought any new boots so when all the heavy snow came and made going out for a shopping spree a right hassle, I decided to make do with old boots.

The one thing I was desperate to buy this year, was a pair of heeled boots which could be sexy and stylish for on a night out but also be comfy and warm for in the day. On a trip into New Look, I fell in love with a pair of cut out panel ankle boots for £24.99 but as it was so close to payday, I decided to hold off buying them and go back in a couple of days.

About a week later, I decided to go up to my local Primark and as I was looking around the shoe section, I came across a very similar pair of boots to the ones from New Look but for only £18! In the end I decided to buy them instead of the New Look boots so they went straight in my basket as I was walking to the tills, I spotted another pair of boots. These were light brown, faux suede ankle pixie boots and were an absolute steal at only £8!


I have already wore both of these shoes out and at the moment, have been quite impressed with them. Normally I have to wear in shoes because most rub me but both of these have been very comfortable from the get go. Also with me, I cannot walk in heels to save my life. The highest I can go is normally around 4 inches, any higher and I'm walking around as if I've had a few bottles of wine to drink. When it actually came to wearing the black boots though, they were really great to walk in and actually made me comfortable as if I was wearing flats.

In the end, I got what I wanted with the black boots as they are something I can wear in the day and night. I dont think they'll be very good in the rain or snow with the cut out panels but oh well! The brown boots were like a little bonus that I got with the money I saved from not buying the New Look boots. I'm not sure how long they'll last in the long run, but as long as they see me through to Spring next year, I'll be happy.

Both of these boots are in the stores now, The black for £18 and the brown for £8.


  1. These boots look really great quality they don't look like primark boots

    1. They really were great boots, I was sad to throw them away! :( xo