MUA Matte Perfect Loose Powder Review ♥


As someone who suffers with oily skin, I really don't have much faith when it comes down to face powder. Over the years, I have tried many loose and pressed powders from different brands but when it comes down to being long lasting, most don't seem to fit the bill. 

So when I was on the MUA website recently, I came across their new matte range where they sell matte foundation, primer etc. Since matte products always seem the safe option for oily skin people, I decided on going for the matte loose powder as my current powder was running out and this would be the perfect opportunity to try something new.

With my new F4 MUA powder brush as well :)

My first impression was it was light and easy to apply, it didn't feel like I had lots of product caked on my face. The colour was translucent which suited me fine as i'm naturally pale anyway. It did control my shine to a certain degree but I found after a couple of hours, my nose and forehead had become shiny again. 

I did like this product but I wouldn't be swapping my normal powder for it anytime soon.

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