Asda Young Skin Matte Finish Moisturiser Review ♥


As I have mentioned before in my previous blog posts, I do suffer with oily skin and moisturising is just pointless for me as all it really does is make my face even shinier. But a couple of months ago, I read a review about a matte finish moisturiser from Asda and I started to get hopeful that this might actually be the product for me so on my next shopping trip to Asda, I went and picked myself up a tube.


I've been using this moisturiser for a few weeks now, normally before I go to bed and in the morning just before applying make-up and I honestly cannot praise this product enough. As promised it does leave shine free skin but still gives the feeling of properly moisturising my skin. The consistency of the moisturiser is really thick and not much is needed to spread all over your face so the one bottle can last weeks.

 The moisturiser is from Asda's own skincare "Young Skin" range, specifically targeted at teenagers and young adults. The range also includes face wash, facial scrub and a skin cleanser & toner and the best part is, they're all just £1!  The moisturiser comes in a 100ml bottle, and at £1 per bottle, it's amazing value. I highly recommend this, and I will definitely be trying out the rest of the products from this range.


  1. Hey! I absolutely love your blog and have been reading through posts for the past 15 mins :) please check mine out, I'm from the UK to and would love some advice on how to improve mine

    Char xo

    1. Thank you :) That really means a lot to me! Your blog is great, the only thing I would suggest is adding more photos to your posts :)