MUA Matte Lipsticks


When it comes to MUA make-up, I really am in love. Every time I go into Superdrug, I find myself going straight to the MUA stand just to see what they've got in stock (which normally isn't much as everyone else seems to love them too!) so when I heard that they were bring out a new Matte range for only £1 each, I couldn't help but order all 5 shades of their Matte Lipsticks.

Totally Nude - I think this has to be my least favourite shade as it's a very similar to the dreaded "concealer" lips but I think it's a nice lipstick if you're looking for a very nude shade.

Peachy Keen - This is a gorgeous peachy colour with a hint of coral. This is one of my favourites for being a bright colour but also slightly nude.

Pouty Pink - This is a very bright "Barbie" pink with blue undertones which is normally not very me but I will make an effort to try and wear.

Scarlet Siren - I always find red lips very wrong on me but I really liked Scarlet Siren. Very pigmented and bright, perfect for a night out.

Wild Berry - I wasn't sure when ordering this shade but since trying, I have fallen in love with it. Perfect shade for this winter and my favourite of them all!

 MUA make up never ceases to amaze me, not only for how good they are but for their prices. Although MUA states they're matte, I did find that they were also quite moisturising and didn't make my lips feel dried out. I felt like I only needed to reapply after about 3-4 hours (depending if eating/drinking etc).
Anything with a matte finish is a definite must have with me, and I'm so happy to add these lipsticks to my collection. I don't have any matte lipsticks so it was nice to get to try something different. I am also planning on ordering their new matte eyeshadow palette which is again, a steal at only £4!

You can buy your matte lipsticks from Superdrug or on MUA's own website.


  1. I like the peachy keen one!! it looks so good, maybe I will try one :)