Time for more bargains: 99p store Haul! ♥


Since I was off work last week and I had some time on my hands, I decided to go out and do the most girly thing possible, shopping. As I needed to pop to the bank, I thought I'd go to my local shopping centre which just so conveniently has a B&M, Poundland, Home Bargains AND a 99p Store, how amazing. Since I've recently been buying a lot of things from the other shops, I thought I'd give 99p Store a chance.

£16 later, I sort of regret that.

First off I brought the Tea Tree facial wipes and the foaming face wash. For someone who suffers with oily skin I find tea tree to be one of those must have products and since the face wash was £2.99 in Superdrug, I knew I just had to have them just for the price if anything else. Next was the Balance Snake Venom face scrub. This is actually one of the products I was going to buy when I last made an order from Fragrance Direct but the idea of snake venom scared me a little so I never brought it but since it was in the store, I thought go for it! Lastly, I brought the Schwartzkopf Palette mousse in colour 600 blond inchis. I'm not sure if this really is the right colour for me but they only had the one shade and I do really love the mousse hair colours. It's amazing to apply and I always feel like I've got all my hair covered so for 99p I was happy to try it.

The next lot I brought was the Neutrogena Intense Care hand treatment. In the winter months, my hands go really dry and I always like to keep a little bottle in my handbag for when I'm out and this little 15ml tube is perfect for that. The next thing I saw was the Garnier light gentle clarifying foam, ANOTHER face wash yes, and it wasn't til I got to the til when I realised it was on 59p! Bargain. The next thing surprised me because every time I've been into the 99p store, they've never had any brand makeup so as soon as I saw this it went straight in my basket. It's the Maybelline MNY nail polish in shade 757 which is a shimmery khaki colour which actually looks much better on than in the bottle. Lastly was the Claudia Stevens Skin toning stick. I've never heard of this brand so I'm not sure if it's any good but since I was running out of my toner at home I thought I would give it a go. It also had a serum option but I thought I'd try the stick.

In the end, I wouldn't say the 99p Store is as good as Poundland or B&M but I was still quite impressed with everything that I got and I will definitely be going in again sometime soon!

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