Baking with Betty Crocker: Red Velvet Cake ♥


As I'm sure most of you will agree, there is nothing better than treating ourselves every once in a while, especially when having a bad day, and my favourite thing to do is to bake copious amounts of cup cakes and sit and eat them all myself. But when I was doing my weekly food shopping in Asda, I came across a little stand advertising a 2 for £3 offer on ALL Betty Crocker cake sets and icing, right next to the fruit and veg aisle. Shame on you Asda! But since I really love red velvet cake, I couldn't exactly say no.
Ta-dar! ☺
I really love the Betty Crocker sets, this is the 3rd time I've used them and they're just so yummy that I keep going back to them. They're really simple and easy to make with only 3 ingredients that are needed (4 if you include the icing) to make this cake so even people who aren't that talented in the kitchen department will still be able to whip up an amazing cake.

They retail at around £2-3 each but nearly every time I've been to a supermarket they've been on offer. The first time I brought them, they were £1 each. Why I didn't stock up I will never know!

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