Soap & Glory: Heel Genius Review ♥

A product I've been dying to review for the past few months now is the Soap & Glory Heel Genius foot cream. I actually brought this for 20p at a car boot sale (blog) and I was really excited to see if the whole S&G hype was true.

Now I don't normally suffer from dry cracked feet but after wearing numerous different sandals over the course of Summer, all girls have to admit that their feet normally need abit of TLC and I believe that this comes in the form of the Soap & Glory Heel Genius.

What Soap & Glory say - "No mean feet. Feet should be friendly. Soft. Smooth. Even lovely to look at. Massage a generous layer of Soap & Glory Heel Genius™ onto clean feet every night (or at least as often as you remember). Slip cotton socks over top and let it soak in while you sleep."

 Amazingly it is as easy as what they say. I applied onto my feet, put my socks on and snuggled up in my bed, eager to see results the next morning. Even after just one use of the product, I noticed a huge difference in my feet. Not only had my dry patches disappeared but they also felt SO soft! I can totally see what they mean by being "better than a pedicure". Plus it's alot cheaper! Win Win!

What I normally hate about most creams and moisturisers are that they're really sticky and don't easily sink into the skin, which normally ends up with me washing them off and wishing I'd not bothered at all but the Heel Genius felt really silky and I didn't feel like I had anything on at all.

 Obviously I have to admit I was pretty lucky to come across this for only 20p but for £5.50 in Boots, I think I would definitely go and get myself another bottle when this one ran out. I can honestly say that I'm totally in love with Soap & Glory now and I will be trying out their other products.

As I mentioned in my original blog post when I first brought this product, I also managed to get two other Soap & Glory products, the Righteous Body Butter and the Spray-on Body Moisturising Mist which I will also do a review about in the future.

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