My First Competition Win: M&Co Christmas Wishlist! ♥


Last week I posted my Christmas wishlist using M&Co's Christmas Fashion Collection and went and entered myself into their All I Want For Christmas Wishlist competition. Now I've entered a few competitions since starting this blog and I would consider myself very unlucky so obviously I expected to hear nothing back. That was before I had a little notification on my Twitter feed that M&Co had announced that I was their winner! As this was my first competition win, being excited was a major understatement! As soon as I finished work, I raced home to claim my prize and order my wishlist. 


Now my winning wishlist is a little different to the actual wishlist that I've ordered as a lot of the things I originally picked out didn't have my size or become out of stock completely so I had to end up picking other things instead. I missed out my gingerbread man jumper! :( SO gutted! I actually think I did a lot better with my new wishlist though and I'm very excited for it to come!

Like I said, I missed out on a few chances to get certain things so I tried to make as many subitutes as possible. Instead of the original check pyjamas that I picked, I went for the floral ones which in a way I kinda prefer as they're more girly. I did also treat myself to a cute fleecy reindeer pyjama set with the matching slippers (which were in my original wishlist). 

Instead of the floral socks, when I was searching the M&Co website I saw these adorable cat socks which of course I had to have! I did also see these Santa socks which I thought were so adorable and although I'd only be able to wear them for a week times a year, they needed to be brought. 

On my previous wishlist, I had a gorgeous sequin lace dress but I didn't realise that it was in the petite range which unforunately is not me. Sigh! I did however find this simple black skater dress which I loved. Who can resist a classic LBD? As well as the dress, I also picked up these high waisted skinny jeans as I've wanted to try a pair for such a long time and for only £14 I couldn't resist! What a bargain! Another fashion craze I've always wanted to try was printed trousers and I thought while I had the chance, I would take it and order myself a pair! I love the print as it's very pretty and "not in your face" and cheap looking like some others I've seen.

To finish off my order, a lot of their jewellery was on sale so I managed to pick up on a few little goodies. I've got a very similar necklace to the layered necklace but since it was £5, I couldn't resist as you can never have enough necklaces! I also managed to pick up these three pairs of cute stud earrings for only £3.50. I love wearing stud earrings and I have quite a collection of them so these will be a nice little addition. As I was coming to my last £2.00 on my voucher, I used it buying this cute bow necklace which I think is adorable and a bargain for only £2.00!


Shop my wishlist!

Thank you again M&Co!

Primark Christmas Work Party OOTD! ♥


Earlier this week I wrote a post asking for your opinion on which outfit I should wear to my Christmas work's do party! Everyone went with option 2 but on the night I changed my mind and actually went with option 1 instead!

The dress was from Primark for about £13 (I forgot and I lost the receipt!). I originally was going to wear this for Christmas as it looks casual but pretty as the same time and wear the more glamorous black dress for the party. But of course I changed my mind! I paired up the dress with these strappy chunk heel shoes which were only £12! They're wide foot and cushioned on the balls of your feet area for extra comfort. Because I wanted to show off the shoes a little, I opted for leggings instead of tights which actually worked out better as it was freezing outside and the leggings gave a little more protection against the wind! The necklace I've used before in a few other OOTDs. It's an oldie but a goodie was also in Primark's sales from £6 down to £3! 

Gotta love Primark ;)



Mini Bodyshop Haul! ♥


After spending weeks searching nearly ever shop imaginable looking for the perfect presents for my family and friends, I decided to put my foot down a little and treat myself for all of my hard work. Last week I as I was scrolling through my Twitter, I saw a tweet about a 40% off everything offer on The Body Shop website so of course I had to go and take a look for myself! 


All-in-one InstaBlur - £14
The first thing I decided to add to my basket was the Instablue 5 Action Perfector. I've read so many different reviews on this product and all of them seem to be positive. As it's the Christmas season and I have a few parties and family events to go to, I think I have plenty of opportunities to give this a good try and see if it lives up to all of the hype. I am so excited to try this!

musk perfume

I was given a gift set of this perfume last year for Christmas and I absolutely fell in love with the smell. I love White Musk itself but the Libertine adds a more floral twist to the original scent. You can get this in either a 30ml, 60ml or an 100ml but I decided to buy a smaller one and hopefully someone will give me money for Christmas so I can go and get the 100ml!


This was my little freebie for spending over £10 and to be honest I'm not sure if I'll use it so it might be given to my mom as a little stocking filler for Christmas. Although saying that it smells divine so I might just keep me for myself! Muaha!

All in all, for both the White Musk and the Instablur, I should have paid £25 but with the 40% off, I managed to pay only £15 with a free Vitamin E Moisture Cream worth £11. I think this is an amazing deal and I wish I'd have brought more now! They don't have the 40% offer on any-more but they've instead replaced it with £15 off when you spend £30 or more which still seems like a great deal to me!


Christmas Party Saviours: Rollasoles! ♥


It's the night of my Christmas works party and the one thing I was desperate to arrive before tonight was my new Rollasoles! If no one has heard of this brand itself, then I'm sure many of you have heard of the concept of rollable shoes instead. 

Basically the idea is when you go on a night out with your girlfriends, you're probably wearing the most stupidest high heels ever and there always gets to a certain point in the night where you've showed off to many of your moves on the dance floor and you're dying to take them off. This is where Rollasoles come in! With the help of this brand, you can now take those nasty heels off and pop on these comfy dolly shoes and dance the rest of the night away with no aching feet! They even give you a handy bag to carry your heels in! Clever!

excuse my pyjamas!

A pair costs £9.95 which I don't think is too expensive when you consider how many bruised knees these shoes will prevent! I went with a classic black pump but they have a whole range of different colours and styles. I'm totally eyeing up these red dotty peep toe shoes for my next order!

I am totally in love with these and I think they're a definite party essential! I'm so annoyed with myself that I never remembered to buy me a pair of these sooner.

 Be prepared this party season and order yourself a pair now on their website

All I Want For Christmas (M&Co Wishlist) ♥


With Christmas being just around the corner (one week today YAY!) I have to admit I've been really late and behind with organising my wishlist. Normally on the lead up to Christmas, I'm finding loads of things my family and friends can buy me but this year I've been quite happy and theres not been many things that have taken my fancy. 

That was until I had an email inviting me to take part in the M&Co Blogger Christmas Challenge. All you have to do is check out their Christmas Collection on their website and create your own personal wishlist with products costing less than £100. Simple! Of course I was excited to be asked and I went straight onto their website and starting adding things to my basket.

I have cheated a little by adding a few items that had a discounted price but I loved the items so much that I just had to include them!

Total price: £90!
(includes discount products)

EVERYYY Christmas my mom buys me slippers and fluffy socks without fail as I think they're a definite must for Winter! As soon as I saw the floral bed socks I knew I wanted them. I love the cute little floral detail and it's something that I would definitely love to see under my tree. Normally when it comes to slippers, I always tend to buy boot slippers as I find them SO much more comfier but I just couldn't resist adding these adorable little reindeer slippers into my basket. How cute are they?! Another important essential of my Winter wardrobe is good Pyjamas! The thicker and fluffier the better! This year I'm really loving Plaid and these are exactly what I'm looking for.

I haven't actually got a Christmas jumper and every year I say I'm going to finally go out and buy one, but of course I never do. I know that the more "tackier" the best but I really love the simplicity of this gingerbread man jumper. Another reason I love it is because it reminds me of the gingerbread man from Shrek! What more could you want?

I think every girl needs a LBD especially when it comes to Christmas party season as I always struggle with what to wear. M&Co actually have a great collection of party dresses and at the moment a lot of them have a discounted price. Bonus! I instantly fell in love with this gorgeous lace skater dress and it was down from £49 to £25! This would be perfect for a New Years party alongside this glamorous jewel statement necklace. Another item that was discounted, from £29 to £23.20 which I think is a bit of a bargain when you see how glamorous it looks. Definite must have for me!

Lastly is this Cher quote make-up bag. I used to love this song when I first heard it and I just absolutely adore how cute this is. I don't necessarily use make-up bags as all my make-up is stored away in shelves but I think I'd use this as a purse instead.

You can check out the Blogger Challenge here and try it out for yourself!
Good Luck!

Check Out My Depop Sale! ♥


It seems that lately my make-up and skin care collection has started to get a little out of hand. I'm normally very organised when it comes to my make-up and I've got so much now that I've had to start putting products in other places which makes my OCD so mad! I knew it was time to get a sort out so I've listed a few of my items on Depop!

My username is @natalieannxox or you can search my name: Natalie Tromans

Feel free to take a look and hopefully grab some bargains!
I will be posting new things over the next few days, just depending when I can get a chance!



Christmas Party Outfit Ideas! ♥


It's my Christmas works party this weekend and because I didn't have one last year (yes, my boss is that mean!) I feel like this one needs to make up for lost time! Since no-one at my work seemed that fussy on where we went, I decided to take over as "Official Party Organiser" and arranged everything myself. Go me!

With the party all booked and sorted, the next big hurdle was what I was going to wear! Luckily though my lovely Primark was there to save me and I actually ended up coming away with two dresses. Now I can't decide which to wear!

I tried to make both outfits (which might vary on the night) as close as possible with the help of Polyvore to what I've actually brought. Please feel free to tell me in the comments which one you prefer! :)


1 or 2 :)


L'Oreal Paris Collection Privee Liya's Nude Review ♥


Now I'm sure that many of you have seen the new L'Oreal TV adverts showing off their Exclusive Reds Lipstick Range. I have, they're gorgeous. They're custom-made lipsticks which were created alongside some gorgeous celebrity spokespersons who wanted to create shades that would be tailored to suit different skin tones. I personally think this gives the collection a very personal touch to us buyers because we know that we can buy a red, nude, pink etc lipstick that will not only match our skin tone but compliment it. Wow!

Instead of buying a red lipstick though, I decided to pick something from their Nude range. I love wearing nude lipsticks as they're perfect for both day and night. I know a few of you out there still think of the terrible "concealer lips" (I admit doing this *cringe!*) when I say nude but those days are gone and gorgeous collections like these have taken it's place. Because obviously there's a few shades in the Nude range I wasn't too sure which one was MY shade so I took a chance and decided to try Liya's Nude.

Along my way Christmas shopping, I found myself on Fragrance Direct and this is where I managed to pick up Liya's nude and with a nice little discount as well from the Boots price. Bonus!

liya nude

I have to admit I'm not too sure on the shade on myself. I thought that it would be something different and away from my usual comfort shades and that it would maybe bring a nice change to my face but I personally I think that this shade is a little too dark for me.

The lipstick itself has a very gorgeous matte black packaging with Privee Collection and Liya's own signature right on the front which gives a smart and "more expensive than it really is" look. As soon as I applied the lipstick I started to notice the "Parma Violets" scent (anyone remember them?!) which I was never too keen on when I was younger but was actually preferable than the typical cheap lipstick taste. Lasting power for the lipstick I would say is around average. I applied it early afternoon and a few hours, drinks and even my dinner after it was still visible on my lips. Not bad!

Although I wasn't a massive fan of the colour, I love the lipstick and I would definitely love to try out another spokesperson's shade or maybe something from the red range. I'm glad I only paid £3.99 for Liya's Nude but if I had the chance to go into a store and see the colours myself, I wouldn't mind paying £6.99 for them as I definitely think they're well worth it!

You can check it out on or on the Boots website


Glossybox December 2014 ♥


It's not a secret to know that the past few boxes haven't really impressed me and last week I was even looking into other monthly subscriptions instead and thinking of cancelling Glossybox. I thought I would stay until the end of the year though and see if we get any special Christmas goodies which could tempt me to stay!

Instead of doing a more long winded review/thoughts on the products, I thought I'd just show what I got in this month's box and just give a first impression! You just want to see what I've got anyway! :)

Inside this month's box:


TRESemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Tonic - £5.50
I'm really excited to try this but I'm scared on how my oily hair might react to scalp care. I try and avoid putting product on my roots but I will definitely try to overcome this fear and try this out!


Anatomicals Zap! Zap! Zap! Spot Stick - £3.79
Is it sad to get excited over a spot stick? Yes? Well then I'm sad! I'm honestly so excited to see this as it's a product that I've definitely needed lately but am always really unsure on which treatment to buy.  I'm not saying this stick will work perfectly for me but I'm very excited to give it a go!


Bellapierre Cheek & Lip Stain - £12.99
I'm not really a fan of these creme cheek stains and will most likely pick powders instead but I will definitely love to use this as a lip stain. It's a gorgeous coral colour and although it's not my go-to colour for Winter, I'll instead be saving for the Summer months!


SkinPep Hydra Boost - £24.99
ANOTHER skincare product from Glossybox (there honestly has been so many lately!) and it's actually hard to get excited or say anything new any more. I know great skincare is an important tool to a girl's beauty regime but I personally get more excited over make-up and haircare products


All That Jazz Nail Lacquer - £9.98
I love getting nail varnishes in my boxes and this one does not disappoint! It's a gorgeous bright red colour which will go perfectly with the dress that I plan to wear for my Christmas works party! 

I'm not sure whether I'll be staying with Glossybox for much longer but I have to admit I do love this box a lot more than the last few boxes. There's a lot more products in this one that I'd use and more brands that I've actually heard of! 

You can check out Glossybox here and see what you think for yourself :)


How To Own Your Bed Head! ♥


As I'm sure many of you can agree, us girls often get those days where you wake up, and no matter what you do or how much product you use, your hair will just not co-operate? Either it's too frizzy or too flat or there's always that time where your fringe will just not sit right, it can be a very stressful ordeal for first thing in the morning.

My Night Time Haircare 

Now most nights I do admit that I go to bed with my hair damp as I find it SO boring to sit and wait for it to be completely dry. Because of this though I find that my hair is really kinky in the morning and normally a lot of product is needed to coax it into doing what I want it to. To ensure that my hair isn't such a pain, I use a handful of products the night before so even if I toss and turn all night, my hair will resemble a normal style in the morning.

hair care

Pantene Deep Moisture Soufflé - £1 from Poundland
Batiste Dry Conditioner Smoothing Conditioning Mist - £1.97
Batiste Floral Dry Shampoo - £1.47
Got2be Oil-licious Argan Oil - £3.00 
Fat Hair Amplifying Creme - £2.97

I normally apply a small olive size amount of the Fat Hair amplifying creme and rub it into my mid lengths and ends. On the packaging it does say to put a lot higher up on the head but my hair gets greasy very easily so I try and avoid using product too close to my scalp. Some nights I will also add the Pantene soufflé but normally only if I've used my straighteners or any other heat utensil and my hair needs a little more TLC.

When I wake up, that's when most of the hard work comes in! Like I said above, I have very oily hair so even though I washed my hair the night before, I will have slightly greasy roots which is blasted away by my favourite dry shampoo brand, Batiste. For my ends, I'll start by pumping a few drops of my Argan Oil into my hands and finger comb it through my tips. If my hair is still looking a little dry, I'll spray a few squirts of Batiste dry conditioning spray over my mid lengths and ends, keeping well away from my temperamental roots!

Although they're not relatively high end products or even slightly expensive for that matter, I swear by these products and they really do make such a difference to my hair!

morning hair

This is my hair without any product in the morning. Not too shabby!

 My styles for wet hair


 pictures from Pinterest

 Along side a great team of products, I also use certain hair styles the night before to ensure my hair is looking great for the next day. All the pictures I've mentioned are all hair styles that I've used in the past to create curls or just generally a little bit of texture for in the morning. They're completely heatless and only minimum product is needed. 

If All Else Fails

Of course you're going to get those days where your hair just says NO so instead of fighting or crawling back into bed and waiting for tomorrow, learn to embrace the mess! 


 pictures from Pinterest

Sweet Dreams!