Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation - Shade Soft Beige 200 Review ♥


A product I've been loving at the moment is the Rimmel Stay Matte foundation. I got it a few weeks ago now when I went into my local Superdrug and noticed a stand advertising it and since I suffer from oily skin, I thought I would give it a try. Most matte foundations I've tried in the past normally wear off after a few hours and my skin ends up looking really shiny so I honestly didn't expect too much different from this one.

Blended in and Unblended

On my face with no concealer and no powder!

When I was in the store buying this product, I was really unsure of what shade to buy. I found the Porcelain and the Ivory was far too pale for my skin tone and I thought I had found the perfect match with Soft Beige but since getting home and trying it on without the bright lights in Superdrug, I think I might have brought a shade too dark. 

The product itself I really have fallen in love with. The liquid mousse formula is so soft and easy to apply, it takes mere minutes to apply all over my face. It felt very lightweight but also gave me perfect coverage throughout the day. Even at the end of the day of being at work, I found most of the foundation was still on with only a little shininess around my nose which for someone with oily skin, I'd call a success!

Luckily, going back to shades, when I went to the Clothes Show in December, in the Cosmopolitan goodie bag, they were giving away a small sample tube of this foundation but in the Ivory shade, which after trying did end up being too light for me which I predicted. Next time I went into Superdrug, I brought myself another tube but in the True Ivory shade, a little bit darker than Ivory and a little lighter than Soft Beige = Perfect Match for me!

The foundation is on sale at Superdrug, Boots and many other retailers for £5.99 which isn't too expensive considering you don't need that much of the product to cover your whole face. Also Superdrug currently have it on a 3 for 2 offer which I made use of and brought the Stay Matte Blusher and the Scandaleyes Lyra Flexi Mascara.

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