Mini Superdrug Haul ♥


Every payday I always get the urge to go to my local shopping centre and just spend spend spend but unfortunately I wasn't that impressed with anything this month. As most of the Spring/Summer clothes are coming in, most shops have big sales on trying to get rid of their winter stock but other than a few skirts and cardigans from Primark for work, I've hardly spent a thing. 

Other than clothes shopping, there was quite a few different things I wanted to buy make-up wise and I was able to get a few when I went shopping.

I am loving the Nivea in-shower moisturiser (Review here) and every time it's on offer I will buy me a few bottles as I think their normal price is a little expensive for how much I use. I do however think it's an amazing product and will definitely continue to buy. They've even brought out two new scents: Honey and Cocoa.

Every girl has a dry shampoo in their cupboard and my favourite is the Batiste range. It's the first one I've ever tried and the one I always seem to go to when I'm in need of a new one. Although I did love the Lush "No Drought" Powder dry shampoo (Review here), there's something so quick and easy and using a can shampoo, especially when you're late for work in the morning!

The Baby Skin pore eraser has been something I've been dying to try since it was released so I'm really excited to be able to try this. It is a little expensive at £7.99 but if you're looking to buy more Maybelline products, it's better as everything at the moment is 3 for 2.

Lastly, another product I was excited to try was the Seventeen Tattoo Me eyeliner which claims to last for up to 48 hours but when I actually got to Boots, they were actually sold out. I did however come across a substitute in the Collection counter with their Extreme 24 hour felt tip eyeliner. I'm not sure how good this is going to be but for £1.99, I'm willing to give it ago!

My New Makeup Station! ♥


Like I mentioned in a previous blog, I've recently moved out and the first thing we decided to do was to decorate the bedroom. Every girl needs her makeup so one of the first things that came up to his house was my makeup station. I find it makes early mornings so much easier when all my makeup is organised and I'm not spending ages looking around the bottom of my makeup bag.

I've had these drawers for about 7 years now and they're still in really good condition. They were originally used for all my stationary for school but since I grew up and discovered makeup, it seemed a perfect reason to keep them. I got it from Ikea for £15 and they also do them in different shapes and sizes.

When I lived with my parents, my room was shabby chic and very girly so trying to bring some of that into our new room was not really going to work. Luckily I found just adding a few little pieces around my make-up station has made me feel right at home and actually goes quite well with the room.




The first thing I want to blog about after being away for so long is how I've got rid of my Ombre hair! I can't even tell you how long I've had this hairstyle but it's been well over 12 months so I thought a change was definitely needed. I'd been looking around the Internet a while for a bit of inspiration and in the end I decided I wanted to just go simple and go all over with a brown dye.

Due to me having such lighter tips on the ends on hair, colouring my hair back to just one colour wasn't going to be easy. Because I'd applied so much bleach, the ends of my hair were now really damaged and from doing two years in college studying Hairdressing, I knew that bleached hair has had the color pigment removed from the cortex layer that holds color so one application of colour wasn't going to do the job.
This is the colour I ended up going with. It's the "Natural Chestnut" 5.4 shade from Superdrug's own Performance hair colourants range. Luckily when I went to pick a hair colour, all the Superdrug Performance range was buy one get one half price so that saved me a couple of pound!

Since I was trying to achieve an all over brown colour on my hair, I knew that I had to put most of the hair dye on the ends and mid-lengths first.
1. Apply dye to mid lengths and ends, making sure they were all  covered. Leave the colour to develop about 10 minutes.
2. Apply the rest of the colour on the roots of my hair.
3. Leave for the remaining time and wash the colour off when ready.

Like I said earlier, I knew one round of colour wasn't going to do the job so seeing that the dye had only took it to a medium brown didn't really surprise me. I was meant to be going out the night I did my hair so I didn't have chance to put the second application on so the next day I repeated the above steps again and my hair came out perfect! I know I could have stripped my hair first or primed it before applying the dye but I tried it before and I honestly didn't think the colour lasted any longer than just applying to dye.

 Before and After

I'm actually really happy with the results and I'm glad I got rid of the Ombre now. There are times that I miss it but since I've noticed a big difference in my hair condition, it's worth it. I also am really impressed with the Superdrug Performance colour. Although it took two applications to fully cover my hair, it's made my hair condition feel better and the colour hasn't faded at all. I will definitely be using Superdrug's own brand again next time I colour my hair.