Bank Holiday Fun at West Midlands Safari Park!! ♥


Bank Holidays are the perfect excuse to get out the house (in my case apartment) and have some fun but because I'm are so unorganised, I hadn't planned to do anything. Fortunately I don't live too far from many tourist attractions so I decided since it was a nice sunny day, to go and visit the West Midlands Safari Park

For people who haven't been, it's basically a zoo that you can drive around in your own car. Obviously excluding the lions and tigers, people are allowed to open their windows and feed the animals. Although I'm against most zoos as I think it's cruel, I do like the idea that these animals aren't caged and they do have the freedom to walk around.

To get into the park, you can pay £17.99 per adult, which includes the drive-through safari experience and then for when you're done, free admission to the Sea Lion Show and the Reptile House among other new attractions like the Twilight Cave and Meerkat Mayhem. Simples! The package also includes a free return ticket for the same number of paying passengers so double the fun! 

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