Summertime Primark Haul! ♥


Over the past couple of weeks, I cannot tell you the amount of times I've been into Primark. From either going in for myself, other people or that I brought something I really liked so I had to go back and buy it in another colour, I've been in at least 5 times since the beginning of April. But even in the space of a month, new stock has come in that I like which means more money had to be spent! Uh oh :(

It would be a bit of a waste if I did all that shopping without showing you all of the things I brought so here they are :)

I brought this simply as a day t-shirt to wear around the house or if I'm out shopping and this  grey V neck fits perfectly for that and it's only £4.

 I'm really not sure how much this was but have hardly took it off since buying. Looks great tucked into a skirt or on it's own with jeans. I'm not sure how much this was unfortunately.


 Next is this cute patterned shift dress. I didn't think it was all that nice when I first saw it but when I tried it on, I fell in love with it. It looks great on it's on or with a belt around the waist. Once again I'm not sure how much this was but I'm guessing about £13.


I love the pattern and the beautiful crochet detail on the back and can easily be dressed up or down. Great value for £13.


I reallllly love this maxi dress. Although I'm not extremely tall at 5"6, I always seem to find it hard to buy a maxi dress that goes all the way down to my feet and not stop at my ankles. But then I came across this beauty and it's an absolute bargain at £13. Perfect for those days out in the summer!

As soon as I saw the print on this dress, I knew I had to buy. It's very lightweight so I thought it would be perfect for holidays as it wouldn't take up much room at all. It can also be worn on it's own or with a belt. £13

Another dress I just had to have was this gorgeous daisy chiffon collared dress. They didn't have my size so I had to go one smaller but because of the style, it still looks great. £13


A bit of a blurry picture but this is a fitted strapless daisy dress. I brought it with visions of wearing it on nice days out in the summer but due to the lovely English weather, I doubt I'm ever really going to get the chance to wear it so I think it might be an eBay job :( I think it was £13 but stupidly took the tags off before I could look.

Now onto shoes, I brought a pair of these peep toes last year and I absolutely loved them so when I saw that they had brought them back this year, I snapped them up in 3 different colours. The really are perfect day shoes as they make any outfit look great and they're extremely comfy. Primark also do them in a beautiful coral colour which I think I definitely have to go back for. £6 each!

Another pair of shoes I got are these brown sandals. Now normally I buy loads of different pairs of Primark sandals but this year I wasn't so impressed. These were the only pair that I liked but for £8, I really wish that I hadn't bothered. They're nice enough but after buying my peep toe shoes above, I really don't feel the need to wear sandals anymore.


I only brought one piece of jewellery because I really don't need anymore but I really liked the simplicity of this necklace and for £3, why not?

I did also buy some new casual jeans but since they were just this years version of jeans I brought in this blog here, I didn't bother to include.

All in all, I really liked a lot of what Primark had in store this season and I really could have brought loads more. Hopefully the weather picks up a little so I can actually start to wear the things I did buy!

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