Benefit They're Real Mascara Review ♥


By now most women would have probably heard about the Benefit They're Real! Mascara and the magic it apparently does for our eyelashes. The mascara is said to lengthen, curl, volumize, lift and separate. All that in one little bottle!

 Now I have to admit, I've never actually brought any Benefit products beforehand and as I was always quite happy with my usual mascara, I've never really felt the need to buy into it. But after reading all the hype for this mascara, I have to admit it had made me a little curious and when I was browsing through the duty free in the airport waiting for my flight to Paris, I thought WHY NOT!


Now before you even open the packaging. you can see Benefit are making some big claims about how amazing the mascara is on just the box. Statistics show that: 

94% saw dramatic length & volume 
90% saw base-to-tip curl 
94% saw visible lift  
100% saw long-wearing results  

I'm not really a fan of the plastic wand mascaras as I do think they leave my eyelashes looking very clumpy so as soon as I opened the tube, I have to say I initially I didn’t think I was going to like it. I did however like the little bristles on the end of the wand are slightly longer and look a bit like spiky ball. This is to help get into the corners and to ‘wing out’ your outer lashes easier.


 I did try and take a before and after but my camera wasn't really having any of it so here you go.

Overall, I did really enjoy this mascara. I can see why people raved so much about it when it first came out and I do feel a little silly for not getting it sooner. Even on days when I applied just the one coat, people were noticing and complimenting me on how nice my eyes looked. The product was very long lasting and my eyes were still curled and voluminous when it came to taking it off at the end of the day.

Unfortunately, there are bad points to this mascara as well. Although I did manage to get my lashes looking great, I still wouldn't say I'm a fan of the plastic wands. There was definitely times where the wand left my lashes looking like spiders legs. Ew! I did also find you had to wait a good five minutes or so before applying another coat because it easily smudged under my eyes.

I do think this is a very hit and miss product for people as some bloggers were swearing by it and others were saying it was a waste of money. I'd like to say I'm a little in the middle. Would I buy it again though? Probably not, no. I'll stick to my usual Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra Flexi mascara!

You can try it out for yourselves though on the Benefit website for £19.50 but you can go and pick one up from Boots in store.  

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