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Collection Cosmetics (formally known as Collection 2000) has always been a firm favourite of mine and was actually the brand I brought all of my first make up from, which was a fair few years ago! Needless to say, their products still impress me and one I've been particularly enjoying recently is their Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer. I originally wanted to buy the Lasting Perfection Concealer but they were sold out and I'm presuming since they're really popular in the blogging world, that was why. After testing the product out though, I'm really glad I went with the illuminating concealer.

What it does

Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer contains light diffusing particles to scatter light and soften fine line and blemishes. Silicone enriched pigments provide a flawless, lasting finish.
Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer combines light reflective technology with an affordable price. This stylish, take-anywhere pen is an absolute fashion must-have.

I brought the concealer in their No 2 Natural shade and I thought would be a little too light for me but when I actually applied, it matched my skin tone pretty well. The concealer comes out in a "pen like" packaging with a twist bottom mechanism which I was a little unsure about since I don't think I've ever tried a concealer like this but once again it proved me wrong and I actually preferred this as you can twist up as much as you need and there was no waste.

As well as using it for a concealer, I also started applying it as a highlighter and I have to say I was quite impressed. I mainly use this for under eyes and if I have a few spots/blemishes but I also apply a little on the forehead area and down the bridge of my nose and I've noticed my face looks a lot brighter.

Rubbish packaging!

Reused the photo from another post, but this is me with me using the product as a concealer and a highlighter!

 Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to take a decent photo of the tube before all the wording rubbed off. I had the joy of finding this out on my holiday to Paris so everything that was in the same toiletry bag got marked! Lucky for them they came off quite easily but if I do buy another tube I will definitely be washing it off before it can do it again!

Other than the packaging rubbing off, I liked this product and I can understand why Collection have got a reputation for making good concealer. For £4.99, I would definitely buy this again as it's not ridiculously over priced and actually works quite well for me. I do however still want to try Lasting Perfection Concealer, if it's in stock!


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