Happy 1st Birthday Petal Poppet Blogs! ♥♥


One year ago today, I was sat bored at home, searching the internet on my laptop and wondering what to do with myself. I had been following a few beauty bloggers for a few months before this and today was the day I finally decided to start my own! And that's how Petal Poppet blogs started and honestly, the time has gone so quick! My first ever post was a review on the Maybelline Popsicle Lipsticks (you can check it out here) and it seems so funny to look back on how much I've changed when writing reviews.

Now I know I haven't really posted that much since the new year and I've had a lot of things going on in my personal/work life which has made me not want to blog as much but I do still enjoy it and I do want to continue writing posts and hopefully in the second year, Petal Poppet will grow as a blog.

Here's to year number 2!


All pictures are from tumblr :)

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