Maybelline Baby Instant Pore Eraser Review! ♥


The release of the Baby Lips lip balm was so big that it didn't surprise me that Maybelline would bring out another product in their 'baby' range. I myself have tried 7 of the lip balms and was quite impressed with all of them so I was expecting good things from their new instant pore eraser.

 When this first came out, I was so desperate to try it but it was always the price that put me off. £7.99 is quite a bit of money to spend on something you don't use very often and something you're not even sure will work on your skin type but last time I was in Superdrug, I was buying a few things when I noticed they had a 3 for 2 offer on all cosmetics. Since I'd already picked two items, it was a no brainer that Baby Skin would be my third item!



Now all primers I've tried in the past have been creams so for this to be a silicone gel was a bit of a shock to the system. Why would I put that on my face?! Although I do prefer creams as I find that they're easy to apply and they don't feel too heavy on your skin, I have to say the Baby Skin was just as good. When applied it had a very soft and velvety feel and left my skin looking very matte.

Although I'd say it didn't make a massive difference to my pores, I did notice that the appearance of the smaller pores, especially around my nose and cheek area had definitely smoothed out and wasn't so noticable when I'd finished applying all of my makeup.

The only bad thing I can say about this product is that it really does not go well with people who suffer from oily skin. I found the silicone was very greasy and after a few hours my face looked disgusting. This is definitely a product for the dry to normal skin type people 

I do have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the product but I have to give it up to Maybelline because it did exactly what it said on the packaging. It's not really for oily skin types and I think I will be sticking to cream based primers from now on but I would still recommend anybody to get out there and get themselves a tube!

Just in case you needed reminding not to put this on babies!
Don't do that!


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