Summer Primark Haul Take 2! ♥

 Over the weekend, I went shopping and of course we had to make a little visit to my favourite, Primark! There was loads of lovely new summer clothes and I happened to pick up a few new items so here they are! :)


I'd seen this top a few times before and never brought it so I finally decided to be brave and pick myself one up. I picked a very girly pink floral pattern although it comes in darker prints as well. I love the crochet style on the back and I think it's a bargain at only £6!


Another top I was really excited to get was this floral vest top. Now the first thing that caught my eye was the straps and the worry on what bra I was going to wear. Nevertheless, it looks great on and I can't wait wear it out. Sun tan lotion will definitely be needed as I do not want tan lines off this top! This was also £6.

This year Primark has so many pretty dresses with very eye-catching prints but there was something about this simple but girly grey sundress that I just had to have. It was £13 but it's elasticated around the back and has adjustable straps so it's super comfy and it even comes with adorable little hidden pockets on the sides!

I got this beauty in the sale for only £3 reduced from about £6 (I think) and I'm really excited to wear it as I don't have any peter pan collar clothes. It's probably not great for summer as I hate wearing sleeves but it will definitely be worn when the weather cools down and who could say no to a £3 top?

skirtAnother item I managed to find in the sale rack is this black skirt for only £3. It's fitted around the waist and and then there are two flare panels on both sides of the legs. I don't think I'd wear it out but it would go nicely for work!


There wasn't many accessories that I liked, or what I haven't already got, but I did pick up this cute, simple necklace for £1.50. It would be perfect just to finish off an outfit and not be so "in your face" like most other necklaces at the moment. I also picked up some Disney Sleeping Beauty socks for £2.50. I picked up a couple of other pairs like these in The Little Mermaid and Cinderella but Sleeping Beauty is my favourite princess so I had to have!

I also picked up these tights as they're a god send for work. They have Weather Sensor Finish which apparently keeps you cool when it's warm outside and I have to admit, they're pretty good. I brought a pair about a month ago and have worn them for the past 3 weeks and I don't think I could go back to normal tights! I did notice that although it's been very hot and muggy lately, my legs didn't get very sweaty and I wasn't desperate to get them off at the end of the day! I think they're about £2/£3 but I'm not sure but even so, you do get three pairs in a pack which for me, makes them perfect!


Since the nights are so hot and muggy now in the summer, I was desperate to get something to wear on the nights and as soon as I saw this Paris night dress, I knew I had to have it. It was £5 which the same price as their little shorts and vest top sets but since I already have a few of them, I thought I'd try something different.


I don't normally post lingerie pictures but I do love Primark pants! Over the years, their prices have gone up but even £1.70 for a pair of comfortable boy shorts isn't exactly going to break the bank. I love the cute little designs and I now think I have all the ones with cats on. Totally not a crazy cat lady!


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