June Empties ♥


Happy July! June is now over and you know what that means? Empties post!

First off I decided to dye my hair this month. I've had my brunette colour for around 5 months now which is an achievement for me but since Summer is here and the weather is a lot nicer, I decided to lighten my hair a little to match and maybe even bring back the ombre! YAY I decided on just putting a permanent all over colour on and to not use bleach because my hair is still recovering from all the blonde last time I had ombre and I didn't wanna go back to that stage! I went for the Superdrug Colour Performance brand again as I'd used them before and honestly couldn't fault them. Once again they were on offer for buy one get one half price so it worked out to about £6!

I absolutely love dry shampoo and will normally get through a can every couple of weeks but since it's been so hot lately, I'd rather just have a shower so I've only managed to get through the one can this month. The new Pixie Lott scent from Batiste is probably their best scent so far as it's really light and refreshing and doesn't leave you with the nasty grey roots after using. As soon as this ran out, I went and picked me up a new can straight away! I also finished off this month my Pantene volume & body conditioner. Now as most girls will agree, conditioner runs out well before your shampoo and this is exactly whats happened this month! I'm still using the Pantene shampoo but luckily since I dyed my hair, I've that those gorgeous conditioners to keep me going.

Since I have recently dyed my hair, I think it's so important to keep your hair in good condition and a great way to do this is the Herbal Essences Leave-In Conditioner Cream. I'd mentioned in a few blogs before how I loved the Beautiful Ends cream but when I last went to Superdrug they had all the treatments for 2 for £5 so I decided to get something different and get the Seductively Straight Cream and the Bee Strong Spray. I loved the cream but hated the spray. I can really feel a difference to my hair with the cream but when I used the spray, my hair was very knotty and wasn't as smooth as it normally is which is why I ended up using that one very quickly because I felt I had to use that much more!

As well as these leave-in conditioners, I do also love a deep conditioning treatment and one I've loved this month was the Keratin Protein Smoothing Deep Conditioner from Primark for only £2.50. I've tried their Argan Oil Treatment before and I loved that one just as much. I'd definitely recommend giving it a go if you have a budget and don't want to spend too much. I did also try the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle treatment but I honestly wasn't that impressed with it. It smelt nice but there was not enough product in the little tube so it didn't make that much of a difference to my hair.

Every time I go to Poundland or B&M, I have to buy face wipes, I do think I've got a bit of an obsession with running out of them and as you can see I've finished off two packets in just one month. The Primark ones are fairly decent for the price as you get two packs for £1 but my favourite ones are the Simple baby wipes. I've used them before and I'm not onto my third pack.

I do also have a thing for using a lot of Deodorant, not that I smell or anything. I do love the Pearl & Beauty Roll On as it smells so good and it leaves my underarms reallyy soft. I did also pick up the Stress Protect Roll On Deodorant in Tesco because it intrigued as it's meant to provide extra protection when you're stressed and I wondered how that would work. Would be able to tell you if you're stressed? I thought that since I did have a stresseful job that it might come in handle but I didn't notice a difference.


I'm sure everyone at one point or another has tried Next's Just Pink perfume, I think I had it at least 3 times in just the one Christmas, and I have to admit I was a little shocked that shops like these even sold perfumes let alone had a whole mini department for them. They're always changing stock and everytime I go in there's a new load of perfumes for me to spend the next hour smelling and the amazing thing about them is they're not over the top expensive. This 75ml bottle was only £12 and I'm really gutted that it's ran out.


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