MUA Lip Lacquers: Tranquility, Aflush, Serene & Halcyon Review ♥



At the end of last year, MUA brought out their new Luxe range which included five new gorgeous lip lacquers. I managed to pick myself two of them up and reviewed them much to my disappointment. I was expecting great things from these lacquers but I was a little upset at how they crumbled and ended up being a right mess but although I felt this way about them, the little child in me got excited at the news that MUA were releasing four new shades for the summer!

MUA teaser on their Instagram. Check them out!


 First off, of course I would get a nice lovely spot right next to my mouth the morning before I plan to take these photos so please ignore that! :)


This one is my favourite! ♥ It's a very nude colour but with a hint of brown which is why I think it's perfect to wear in the day or out to work if you need something that will last without much touching up. I can tell I'll be using this one a lot more than the others.


I do like Aflush but I do think it's a bit bright when applied. I'm not normally a fan of brighter colours and I do tend to stick to nudes/neutral colours more but there is something about this shade that I am drawn to. I think it's a perfect shade for the summer and I will try and wear it on a least a few occasions!


This is probably my second favourite shade of them all as it's once again more of a day shade but could also be used for the night. It's more brown compared to Tranquility and I really think it suits me. It looks like it has pink tones on the swatch and in the bottle but when applied, I couldn't really tell that much.


I really don't like this colour at all as I think it's far too light. I don't think I'd ever have a need to wear a lipstick this colour even if it was for fancy dress! I know some people do like lighter shades on the lips but it really isn't for me. It didn't apply easy and I found you could see the lines from the strokes and I ended up adding more product onto my lips. It was a disaster!

I'm not sure if they've changed their formulas but I enjoyed these four a lot more than Funk and Reckless from the previous range. They lasted a lot longer and they didn't feel dry on my lips. I've already worn Tranquility and Halcyon out already and it was about 5-6 hours before it started to crumble and needed re-applying. 

I would definitely recommend trying these new shades as for me, they're more wearable on a day to day basis than the older range. I'm very boring when it comes to wearing lipstick, I buy all these bright and beautiful colours but never actually wear them and both Tranquility and Halcyon seem perfect for me! I will try and work in wearing Aflush over the summer but I will never wear Serene which is a shame!

I managed to pick all four shades up from Superdrug for £12 (£3 each!)
Yay for 100th post! :)

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