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I'm not really one for piercings and tattoos as I'm quite squeamish when it comes to anything like that! Having my ears done when I was around 7 or 8 was enough to put me off for life but a few years ago, I found myself being dragged along with my friends to a local tattoo parlor. Because I'm a wuss, I initally went along to watch my friends get their dermals done so I could see just how it was done. After being quite impressed with how simple and easy it looked, I booked myself an appointment and the following week I returned to have my own put in!

"Microdermal implants are a form of body modification which gives the aesthetic appearance of a transdermal implant, without the complications of the much more complicated surgery associated with transdermal implants.
Microdermal implants can be placed practically anywhere on the surface of the skin on the body, but are different from conventional piercings in that they are composed of two components: an anchor, which is implanted underneath the skin, with a step protruding from (or flush with) the surface of the surrounding skin, and the interchangeable jewellery, which is screwed into the threaded hole in the step of the anchor."
 From Wiki :)

 As I've worked in a GP's surgery for around 5 years, I'd have to say I've heard it all when it comes to people's health and nothing really shocks me but in my time of being there, there have been quite a few young girls who have gone and had a dermal piercing and it's become really infected and had to be took out. The one thing that I will say when it comes to having ANY piercing is to be careful where you're getting it done. These places might be cheaper but it's better to have it done professionally for a bit extra!

First thing we did when I arrived was the very important job of marking out where I wanted the dermal to go. I didn't want to go through all that pain and be disappointed because it looked wonky. I had opted for it being on my right lower arm so people could see it and it wouldn't easily get caught on clothing etc. After that was all sorted, he went ahead and slathered on some numbing gel which I was highly thankful for. After this stage, things got a bit blurry as I refused to watch but from what he was telling me, he was piercing my arm with a stick thing (I don't know what it was!) and then started to blow down the stick and into my arm. This is to create a little air pocket under your skin layer where your dermal will eventually sit. He then inserted the dermal anchor base into my skin which was the most uncomfortable part of it all and then it was done! 
A Henna tattoo I got whilst on holiday. I originally wanted the middle of the bow to be the dermal, but the lady doing it was concerned about how close it would be :(

 I do get A LOT of attention from people and it's a great conversation starter as most people are normally really intrigued. "What it that?!", "How does it stay in?" and "Where is the other end of it?" are good ones! A good percentage of them are really impressed but obviously a lot of them are freaked out by it but I'm really pleased I got the courage to have it done. Over the years, I've built up a nice little collection as well of my other diamante heads in a whole range of different colours and styles so it's also a little fashion accessory as well as a piercing.

I do catch it a lot and it can be very painful sometimes but I always think you can catch a normal piercing in your ear or your belly button but people still have them done. I do also worry about when it comes to the time I've had enough and want it removed. I've heard it's more painful to remove them as over time, the skin heals around the anchor so it doesn't fall out as easily and obviously you would have to cut it out to remove it. That sounds far too scary for me so I think I'll have this in for a longggg time!


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