Primark & Superdrug Haul ♥


It's been a while since I last blogged and since I was recently paid, I thought a good haul post would be in order! Over the past few weeks, I'd ran out of a lot of my usual makeup so I definitely needed to get to Superdrug and stock up but not before I had a sneaky little trip to my favourite place, Primark!


I brought this cut little flower stripe vest for only £4 and I thought it would be nice just to wear in the day with maybe some shorts or jeans. The vest is also dip hem so it's slightly longer at the back. Perfect with a nice statement necklace and denim jacket!


I also brought this cute little dress for £10. I did try a few of their dresses on but a lot of them didn't look/fit right but as I soon as I saw this dress, I knew it was for me! It's elasticated around the waist so it's really comfortable to wear in the hot weather. It has a very slight frilly sleeves and it comes to just above my knees so it can be worn with or without leggings.


I also picked up two T-shirt bras while I was there. I normally have bad experiences with Primark and bras and I constantly have to buy the bra size up from me but I was really impressed with the two that I picked up this time. The cream one was in the sale for £2 which was a nice little bargain. The gorgeous lace black bra was £5 and both of them are so comfortable! Well done Primark!

primark pants

I love Primark's little boy shorts! It's very embarrassing to admit but I probably own way too many of these pants. I love all the cute and quirky little patterns on them and for £1.70, they're really good value for money. Now I do admit some in the past have been bad but recently Primark have really stepped up their game and these boy shorts seem to be a lot better made.


Beauty wise, I picked up these wipes and an egg makeup sponge. I love these deep cleansing face wipes as they're cheap and cheerful for 2 packs for £1! I've brought some nearly every time I go in and I would honestly recommend them to anybody! Now the egg makeup sponge is something I've never tried before and was a product that was actually recommended to me. I know it's only £1 and it won't be as good as some of the more expensive brands but I thought it was a good place to start and I wouldn't exactly be wasting much money!

As I said above, I did try on a lot of things from Primark but I really wasn't loving any. Everything seems to look odd or just didn't suit me so in the end I only walked away with a handful of things. In my local store, they had already started putting out a few of their Autumn/Winter stock and a small part of me was actually looking forward to it :(


Next was Superdrug! Like I said above, I was in desperate need of a lot of things so I knew it would be a good haul when I finally did go. Firstly I ran out of my foundation so the first place I went to was the makeup counters.

I've really enjoyed using Rimmel products recently so I stayed with them and brought another Stay Matte pressed powder. I hate wearing a full face of makeup in the hot weather and I do normally opt for BB creams and since it was 2 products for £10 on all the Rimmel range, I picked up their 9-in-1 BB cream! I did also visit Superdrug's new Makeup Revolution counter and I picked up their "The Matte Effect" Foundation in Natural for £2 and their Focus & Fix Eyebrow Kit for £2.50. I was desperate for an eyebrow pencil and when I saw this cute little kit, I thought why not and try something different. I'm not too sure on the foundation but even if it's not so good I'll still be able to wear it for work which won't make it a complete waste of money! Lastly, I picked up my favourite Collection Extreme Felt Eyeliner. I did a review of this a few months back (you can check it out here) and I am still completely in love with it.

Next in Superdrug was all my other little bits. I'm sure everyones seen the new L'Oreal Sunkiss Jelly advert on the television and for anybody with Ombre hair, it definitely makes you a little intrigued. Now I know it probably won't be as amazing as it's advertised but I was still really eager to try it out and for £5.99, it wasn't too expensive. Next on my list was something to treat myself with. Like I have mentioned many times before in previous blogs, I love giving my hair a deep treatment and one I've been loving recently is the Herbal Essences Bee Strong treatment. All Herbal Essences were half price so I picked this up for around £2-£3. Next, for the third time buying, I brought myself another can of the Batiste Pixie Lott edition. I really do use a lot of dry shampoo and this stuff is amazing! It smells really gorgeous and it's my favourite scent of all the Batiste range.

Lastly I picked up the Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Cleanser. I've probably been using this product since my high school days and I honestly can't go a week without using it. I feel like it really cleans my skin and it feels a lot fresher after using. This was also on offer in Superdrug for about £2-£3 (I really should keep receipts!)

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