My Birthday Wishlist! ♥


August is always my favourite month purely because it's my birthday month (August 15th if you're interested ;))! I'm still a little child at heart because to me, there's nothing better than waking up and being greeted by balloons and banners and lots of prettily wrapped presents waiting for you to open! Unfortunately for my family and friends though, I'm quite difficult to buy for and will normally just ask for the money as it's the easier solution.

This year is a little different though as there's actually quite a few things I wouldn't mind having and I thought it would make a good blog post just in case any of them do see this ;) (hint hint!)

birthday wishlist

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1. A Camera. I would absolutely love a new camera! I'd probably use it mostly for taking pictures for the blog but to also take out and about with me. I did get a Canon PowerShot A810 digital camera for Christmas last year but whenever I use it to take pictures for posts, I've never really been that impressed with the quality and have actually resorted to using my iPhone instead. I know having a decent camera isn't the be all and end all of blogs but a good DSLR / Bridge camera would be great to have!

2. A holiday! I was extremely lucky already this year to go to Paris but since it was a city break, it was only a short holiday and I would love to go away again but for maybe just a little bit longer. I think having a break from work is important and it's even better if you're lucky enough to go away on holiday. This would be an amazing present but obviously I'm realistic and know this probably won't happen!

3. A Pandora bracelet. I've always been really jealous of people who have Pandora bracelets but have always told myself that I don't really need one and I wouldn't wear it enough times to make it worth buying one. But last time I looked on their website, I saw this adorable Eiffel Tower charm which I got very excited!

4. Perfume. Over the past month or so, I have actually finished off about 4-5 perfumes and I am in desperate need of some new ones. I do love the Marc Jacob range so these would be great but I'd be happy with anything at the moment, I'm not too picky when it comes to perfume :)

5. A Thick Hair Wand. I already have a hair wand but this is on my list because I would like a thicker barrel wand. The one that I have at the moment is quite thin and gives a very tight curl and there are some times that I would prefer a much looser curl.

In my dreams?
And maybe a new Mini Cooper S to top it off? ;)


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