Tuesday 26th August: Making a change and being positive! ♥


Over the past few months I've really let my eating bad get out of hand and I finally decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and actually do something about it! I would normally eat out quite regularly but when you add up exactly what you've ate and estimate the calories, it really does make you think!

I have now decided to start healthy eating again and to hopefully make sure I don't fail I've thought of some positive ways to show my weight loss and to hopefully motivate me not to stop!

The first thing I thought of was the Weight Loss Jar idea. I'd seen this around on other people's blogs and I really liked the idea! It's really simple to do; all you need are two jars and something to symbolise pounds e.g. pebbles, marbles or shells. I've seen that a lot of people decorate theirs really well and they get really creative. I found this picture of Pinterest (good old Pinterest!) and I loved it that much that I brought similar jars and copied the design! My little glass stones were from The Range and only cost me £1!

weight loss jars
weight loss jars

I set mine up in my kitchen so I can see it every time I go in!


I went shopping today and picked myself up a nice new set of bathroom scales from Argos for £9.99! I had a set at my parents home which actually remembered your weight and the next time, it told you the difference which was actually quite helpful but since I couldn't find any that offered the same feature, I settled for this set.

healthy foods

Next on my list was food shopping! I tried to buy all healthy food but I didn't want it to be a complete shock to the system and opted for buying other things I enjoyed but just the "lighter" option.

Also, have you tried the new Muller whipped Greek Style Bliss Corners? AMAZING!!

food diary 
Ooh cute little pegs :)

Lastly, I also printed off a weight loss journal where everyday I can fill out what I've ate, what activities I've done and even how I'm feeling throughout the day! Many people might find this boring but I'm really looking forward to doing this so I can look back and see where I'm going wrong!
You can print yourself one off here :)

What helps you when you're on a diet/healthy eating? What keeps you motivated?
Tips would be grateful! :)



  1. The jars are such a great idea! I've been eating so badly lately so may have to pinch the idea from you :)
    Megan x
    London Callings

    1. It's such a great idea and it's actually motivated me a lot more! There's lots of other creative ways of doing it if you search it on Pinterest :) xo

  2. Such a cute Idea !!



  3. The jar idea is so good, I would never have thought of anything like that and they look super cute too. I wish you all the best of luck dear :)

    Cats in Crop Tops

    1. It really is a great idea. It's already working as I've already started to lose weight! xo