Get To Know Me Tag ♥

I'm back, sort of.

I still have no laptop but I am going shopping today so fingers crossed I can buy one and get myself back up and blogging! I managed to have a sneaky go on my mom's computer so I thought I would do a little tag post :) I got this tag from Kate over on Katie Louise Blogs. 

1. Do you have a middle name? 
Yes I do :) It's Ann. Without the E! 

2. What was your favourite subject at school? 
I enjoyed Art, History, English and Textiles. 

3. What's your favourite drink? 
I'm the sort of person whose quite happy with a glass of water or squash. I hate tea and coffee and all over hot drinks for that matter! A nice cold glass of rosé wine though is another matter ;) 

4. What's your favourite song at the moment? 
I can't stop singing Taylor Swift's new song "Shake it off" It's so catchy! 

5. What would you name your children? 
I did when I was younger but I've changed my mind so I'd wait until I actually get pregnant to decide things like this. 

6. Do you participate in any sports? 
I used to play Badminton when I was younger but nothing now. Does going on the Wii count? 

7. What's your favourite book? 
I love my Hunger Games books! They're probably my favourite thing to chill out with. 

8. What's your favourite colour? 
Pink, definitely. 

9. What's your favourite animal?
Cats. If I never have children I'd be quite happy to be the Crazy Cat Lady from The Simpsons.
crazy cat lady Future me :) 

10. What's your favourite perfume? 
 I'm currently loving my Dot by Marc Jacobs as well as Jour by Boss. 

11. What's your favourite holiday? 
Christmas, definitely. I've had so many good memories with my family over the Christmas period!

12. Have you graduated from high school? 
Yes, far too long ago now. God, I'm old :( 

13. Have you been out of the country? 
Yes I have but I've haven't been to as many places as I've have liked to :( I mainly stick to Spain and Greece but this year I went to Paris and I absolutely loved it! 

14. Do you speak any other languages? 
No :( I did study German in high school and I always remember being quite good at it. 

15. Do you have any siblings? 
Nope, I'm an only child! 

16. What's your favourite store? 
Primark. That wins hands down! 

17. What's your favourite restaurant? 
I love Chiquitos! Definitely could eat there every night!

18. Do you like school? 
It was such a long time ago and I always remember wishing it to end so I can go to college but looking back, I wish I'd have made more of an effort and actually enjoyed it a lot more. 

19. Who are some of your favourite Youtubers? 
 Beauty-wise, I love Zoella. She's the first beauty blogger I ever heard of and followed. She was the reason I started! I do love watching PewDiePie as well, theres nothing better than coming back and laughing at some of his videos! 

20. What's your favourite movie? 
There is far too many to name! I do love Rom Coms but I do love The Hunger Games and The Lord of the Rings. 

21. What are some of your favourite TV shows? 
 Currently I'm really excited for Revenge on e4 for start up again! The last season ended on such a great cliffhanger and now I want answers! 

22. PC or Mac? 
PC. I'm not one of the cool kids :( 

23. What phone do you have? 
iPhone 5! I am due an upgrade soon but not sure I want an iPhone 6 after all the bad press! 

24. How tall are you? 
5"6. Pretty average I'd say. 

25. Any pets? 
I do have a cat but since I can't keep animals in my flat, she has to live up my parents house :(

That's my Get To Know Me tag :)
Feel free to steal it for your own page!


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