Green is the new Pink: Barry M Genie Lipstick Review! ♥


I am the typical sucker for gimmicky type of products and over the years, I have spent so much money on new "hype" products that I vowed myself to hold back and not rush in to spending money but after seeing Barry M post this picture on their Instagram, I knew this was definitely a product I had to try out!

I remember in my younger teenager days, I had a product very similar from Avon but just in the form of a pencil. It looked a normal average green lip pencil (if a green pencil is normal or average) but when it was applied to the lips, it turns into a baby pink shade! Ooh Magic! I loved wearing it so much that when it finally ran out I was so gutted when I found out Avon had discontinued it! Enter Barry M...

barry m genie

What Barry M says:

Genie lip paint is green…  but magically turns your pout an ultra-long lasting personal shade of pink. It does this by adapting to the Alkaline in your lips. In other words, every person is different and every look is unique! Genie lasts for eight hours too so you can achieve an all-day custom kiss that’s all your own” (Genie is an improved formulation of Barry M’s popular ‘Touch of Magic’ lip paint.)

genie lipstick
genie lipstick 
My result:

genie lipstick

As said above, the formula reacts to the Alkaline levels in your lips so theoretically every women should get a different colour when applied. I've checked out a few other blogger's reviews on the lipstick and the general result seems to be an intense magenta tone pink. Obviously it does react differently to different people and some have been given a very pale pink but when I used it, I got the complete opposite! 
Does that mean I have more Alkaline in my lips? And should I be worried?

Along with the amazing colour change, Barry M also promotes that the product is water proof and long-lasting, and I can say that to some extent this is true. At the end of the promised eight hours, the lipstick has faded but has dulled to a subtle pink tint which I actually ending up preferring more so to the start colour. When it came to taking it off at the end of the day though it still put up a fight. Even when I woke up the next morning, you could still see a faint pink on my lips.

All in all, it's a great little lipstick. I loved the colour, it lasted forever and it was always a nice little bonus to get an uber confused look off people when you pull out a green lipstick! 

You can pick yourself one up from Superdrug, Boots for £4.49 or you can check them out on their website :) 

Have you tried it yet?
If so, what did you think?



  1. ooh i definitely need to invest! i love the colour it went on you x

    - helen rose x

  2. Such a funky product! It actually works quite well! X

  3. I LOVE the idea of this! Looks lovely on you! :)

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. Thank you! :) It really is a great product xo