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Yes, another tag. This one was something that was always going to happen but I was trying to put off. I'm a little addicted to Instagram! I don't have many followers but I'm constantly checking it to see if my favourite celeb/blogger has posted anything new! I found this tag from Sophie over on soinspo!

instagram collage

What's your Instagram handle?

How many accounts do you follow?
40! There was more but they didn't post regularly so I decided to unfollow.

How many followers do you have?
 67  :( Pretty sad, I know

What are your favourite hashtags?
I post a lot of personal pictures more so than blogger type pictures so my favourite ones that I use are #love etc etc. When I search for pictures, I use #bblogger #beauty #blogger #ootd etc etc

How often do you post? 
Many a couple of times a week, it was a lot more but I tend to use it for looking at other peoples pictures now. 

How often do you check your Instagram feed?
Too much :( If I'm bored or just lying around the flat, I'll look a few times a day but when I'm out doing something, I won't look until I get back. 

What is your favourite filter? 
I wouldn't say I have a favourite but I do tend to use Amaro, Rise and Valencia a lot more than the others. 

Smartphone purist or rebel? 
I'd say more purist, deffo! 

Favourite IG account?
I love Zoella, Terri Lowe and Victoria's Vintage. I always get excited when they post new pics!

I now tag anybody who wants to give it a go :) 

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