Invisibobble Hair Ring! ♥

& Hello September!

It's the first day of the month and I thought I'd start it out with a small review post about a product I've been loving lately: The Invisibobble!

I've read about a few other bloggers raving about this and since I thought that it sounded like a great little product, I decided I would try it out for myself so I ordered myself a box of three rings from a shop on eBay (check it out here). I went with the clear option instead of a nice pink or purple because I would be able to wear the clear with different outfits and to be honest I didn't want it that visible to people.

 Now I know it's not a great photo with me using the Invisibobble but it was so difficult to aim my camera! Excuses I know!

Anyway, I loved the Invisibobble a lot! Even so that all my normal elastic bobbles have been stored away and I'm only using these! I can wear them for a whole day at work without getting the usual headaches when wearing elastic bands all day. When I took out the bobble, there was no "kink" around my head so it's great for if you're getting ready to go out as no effort would be needed to straighten the kink out.

I really love the Invisibobble and I've told everybody I know to go and buy some. You can pick yourself up a set of 3 rings for around £4.00 (depending on where you go and including postage). Although it's abit expensive when you consider how much a pack of 20+ elastic bands are but I honestly think the pros of using the Invisibobble overweighs the cons of the price!



  1. one thing i struggle with most is having kinks in my hair from bobbles, this looks like a cool thing to try, thanks for the review!x
    great post, i love your blog!

    1. I definitely recommend this. I am absolutely in love with mine! xo