Positive Thinking: Week One! ♥


Just over a week ago, I made a post saying I was going to challenge myself by healthy eating and general positive thinking and I thought writing a bit of an update post would keep me motivated and less likely to fail if I have to write that I've failed. Logic?

Anyway, as I mentioned in last weeks post, I went shopping and I brought lots of yummy foods to keep my diet going. I'm trying hard to get my 5 a day and to subsitute fatty foods with salads etc. I also brought lots of healthy snack foods so I can eat them at work, which for me is the worst place to be when you're hungry as there's far too many biscuits and cakes!

Positive thinking wise, I like to think that it's going well. Most times I've done diets I'm always really hard on myself when I don't lose as much as I want but this time I've tried to tell myself that it's not a big deal and that we can try harder the next day and I have to admit, it has helped. Normally I'll give up after about 1/2 weeks (my longest diet was around 4 weeks!) but this time I'm going into the second week still feeling as positive as when I started!


Yes that is 8 little pebbles in the Yay jar. That's 8 pounds!
Well done me!!
 I'm really proud that I've achieved this and I'm so eager to see how well I do this week!



  1. Oh wow, the jars really are such a great idea - it must be so nice to visually see how things are going :)
    Megan x
    London Callings