Revenge Season 4: Who's Excited?! ♥


A bit of a different post today but I was really excited that one of my all time favourite TV dramas is back on!


I'm not really one for watching drama shows and will normally stick with comedies like How I Met Your Mother or The Big Bang Theory but I really do love Revenge. I started watching it around the same time as the second season had started and I thought I would watch the very first episode to see what it was like. I ended up watching the whole of season one in one day because I loved it that much! Ever since then I've been watching religiously.

To sum the story up quickly, it's based on the life of Amanda Clarke. While she was a little girl, her father was framed for downing a flight in a terrorist act and sent to prison where he was murdered but a now grown up Amanda wants revenge on the people who wronged her father. The past three seasons have focused on her plotting her revenge and basically kicking some ass!


Now last season ended with such a cliffhanger (as most shows do but it was really good!) and I've been dying all summer to see what happens next and to hopefully get more answers!

I'd definitely recommend you guys watching this if you need something in between another series or just fancy something a bit different.

Revenge Men
 Also, why wouldn't you want to see these sexy men every week? :)

Do you already watch Revenge?
Are you excited for the next season?



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