September Primark Haul! ♥♥


It's my last day off work so I thought I would spend it in my favourite place in the world, Primark! Summer is unfortunately over and warmer clothes will have to start coming out soon so I would I would get prepared and do a little Autumn/Winter shopping now.

There are a few things that I brought before today but since I was doing a Primark haul post, I decided to add them in as well!


I'm so excited that I went shopping so I took a selfie with my bag. SAD.

close upback

I really love this jumper! It looks like a normal jumper until you notice the chiffon underlayer and the swopping cross-over design at the back. It has a golden glitter thread going through the stitching as well which works well with the design and doesn't make it look cheap. I'm really excited to wear this as it's perfect to wear in the day but also on a night with a big statement necklace! I think this was £10!

cardigan sleeve

I brought this cardigan purely because of this picture alone from Primarks Instagram account. I loved how simple yet elegant it was because as you can probably guess, I love buying clothes I can wear on both day and night. I think this is much better value for money and I always think of this when I go shopping! I love this cardigan although I'd probably wear this more in the day! This was £10 as well!


I brought a pair of these jeans months ago but in a lighter blue and I absolutely love them. They're the "Push Up, Push In" jeans and although I wouldn't say they 100% do this, they are by far the most comfortable pair of jeans I've ever brought! I was really lucky to get these indigo jeans in the sale for £5! Bargain!


I know the peplum trend has died down a little but after going into Primark today, it looks like it's trying to make a come back! As I mentioned about with the cardigan, this was the top that was also mentioned in the picture on Primarks Instagram. They didn't have the white top in my size but in the end I preferred the burgandy option. This was £8!


Another sale bargain! I know these style t-shirts were really in fashion over the summer but a lot in my local Primark have now been downgraded to the sale rack so I managed to pick this vest up for £2! I loved the Disney t-shirts and I was always a little gutted I never got one so this went straight in my basket when I saw it! I don't think I'll be wearing it out but it's perfect for lazing around the flat or maybe to bed!


The only dress I brought was this beautiful burgandy red patterned one. As soon as I saw it I loved it! I actually brought this on my birthday and I've already worn it a number of times. It's once again a very versatile piece of clothing as it can easily be dressed up or down to suit whatever occasion! I'm not sure how much this was but I think it was around £13.

cat purse

The last thing I brought was this adorable cat coin purse! When I'm swap my normal everyday bag to a smaller over the shoulder bag for a night out, I don't have a small purse that fits inside and my money normally goes everywhere. I've been looking for a while to find something to use but never found anything I liked until I went into my trusty Primark! It was only £3-£4 and it's perfect! Now I look like an even bigger crazy cat lady!

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