Benefit They're Real Push Up Gel Liner: First Impressions ♥


As I've mentioned before in previous posts, I LOVE "cat flick" eye-liner and I'd have to say I do this style every day without fail. It's actually got to the point where I feel weird when I'm not wearing it, like I've woken up and forgot to put clothes on! Because this is my "go to" look, that means I've also tested out a lot of different eye-liners on the market and have learned which ones are good and which ones to avoid.

Back in June this year, I reviewed the Benefit They're Real Mascara and if I'm honest I wasn't that impressed and would have happily preferred to continue using my £13 pound cheaper mascara from Rimmel instead. It left my lashes looking clumpy and I never felt like it added any extra WOW to my look, unless you consider the near £20 price tag!

A few months ago though, after the success of the They're Real Mascara, Benefit decided to bring out a follow up product in the shape of the Push Up Gel Liner. Now I had very mixed feelings when I saw this; I was excited as it's a new eye-liner for me to try but then I kept thinking back to the mascara and how much I didn't think it was worth it. Nevertheless, the first chance I got to get myself up Boots, I made sure that the Push Up eye-liner was the first purchase I made.

benefit eye liner
 benefit eyeliner
benefit eyelinerbenefit eyeliner
 benefit eyelinerbenefit eyeliner

I only tested it once on both eyes and even from that, I could tell it takes a bit of skill to apply this eyeliner. The AccuFlex tip is very difficult to get your head around and although Benefit advertise it as being smooth and "lash hugging", it really wasn't that easy to apply. Another struggle I found was that it seemed to set realllly quick and that there wasn't much space for error without getting in a right mess.

Another point that could either be a pro or con (however you want to look at it) but the eye-liner had AMAZING staying power. When it came to taking off the product, it really did put up a fight. I can see now why Benefit released their own make-up remover just for the They're Real products!

 Although I really wanted to love this eye-liner, I just couldn't. All girls know that getting the "perfect flick" is a skill and I think I've only just mastered it with my normal felt tip eye-liner and trying to use this eye-liner would feel like going back to square one! I won't give up completely though and as I said above, I've only tried it the once so I will be giving it another go and fingers crossed, I will become a lover of it.

You can buy yourself one from Boots or from the Benefit website for £18.50.


Halloween 2014: Pumpkin Carving Ideas!


Update time!: Sorry for the slow posting for the past few days but this week was moving week and all weekend we were just moving all our furniture in and actually trying to make the house look less of a bomb site! Everything is starting to come together a bit now so I thought it would be a perfect time to start blogging again.

Now I used to love Halloween when I was a little kid as not only was it in my favourite season but there was always something exciting about dressing up in a scary costume and going trick-or-treating. Even though I wasn't allowed to go too far and at that time, a lot of my family lived close to me which made trick-or-treating quite easy (or cheating, whichever way you look at it), I LOVED it!

Putting aside all the costumes and candy though, my favourite part was the pumpkin carving. I love lighting my candles and wax burners and Halloween actually gives me a reason to light a few candles! When I was younger though, my mom would always hate doing it and every year Mr Jack O'Lantern seemed to be in the same old boring smiley face as we weren't very creative. But this year I decided it would be different and I'd actually make an effort with my pumpkins and the best place I could think of for some inspiration was Pinterest

The pictures I used in this post aren't the most "scarier" types but I thought were more creative.

little mermaid pumpkin
pumpkin tree pumpkin
 cat pumpkin
 boo pumpkin

These pictures are all from Pinterest.
You can check out my other pins here :)


Glossybox October Pop Art Edition ♥


There's not many times I like opening up my email account as most of the time it's just junk or companies telling me of their latest deals and offers. But about half way through the month, I'm always on the lookout for an email from Glossybox to say my box has been dispatched! Yess!

In last months box there was a little preview card giving a little sneak peak on what next months theme was and I have to admit I was very excited. I remember studying about Pop Art and famous artists like Andy Warhol and it was always my favourite thing to draw/paint. So safe to say when I saw that Glossybox was featuring a Pop Art edition, I couldn't wait to get that box through my door!

glossybox october
pop art edition
Yves Rocher Quelques Notes d'Amour Perfume | Sample | £33 for 30ml
Ciate Nail Polish in Big Yellow Taxi | Full Size | £9.00

I LOVE the smell of this perfume! It's very sweet and floral but not overpowering and sickly after a few hours. This sample size is really not going to last long and I am really tempted to treat myself to a full bottle when pay day comes around!

I never really got into the Ciate hype and the only time I've ever tried one was when it came free in a magazine. I did see a little previous that a Ciate nail varnish would feature in this box and I was a little excited to try out but when my box actually arrived, I was really gutted. I HATE the colour! I know it's a Pop Art edition and it goes along with the theme but I hate yellow on the nails especially a yellow that bright. I'm really gutted but oh well! 
Any one want to do a swap?
Nuxe Creme Fraiche® De Beaute Mask | Full Size | £19.50
Etre Belle Cosmetics Lip Lift Peel | Full Size | £12.95 

Around this time of the year, your skin normally needs a lot more TLC so to see that there was not one but two moisturising products. First is the Nuxe Beauty mask which is meant to give 24 hours of soothing and rehydrating and instantly reduces the discomfort and redness which normally comes along with the cold Winter months.

Next is the Etre Belle Lip Lift Peel and at first this was the product that scared me a little. I've had bad experiences of lip glosses which promise to plump and lift giving me allergic reactions and making my lips swell up but after reading into this product a little more, it's more of a lip exfoliator which leaves your lips perfectly soft!
  So Susan Cosmetics Flutter Mascara | Full Size | £14.95
Rimmel London BB Cream Matte in Light | Sample | £6.99 for 30ml
 The first box I brought had a concealer quad from So Susan and I really wasn't that impressed with it. It retailed at around £20 and I honestly didn't think the product was worth it at all! Nevertheless I was happy to see another So Susan product and I hope I'll enjoy it a lot more than the concealer!

I'm really loving Rimmel products at the moment and my probably all time favourite product is their Stay Matte foundation so to see not only a Rimmel product but a Matte foundation is amazing to me! I've looked at their BB cream a few times and I've always stuck with the foundation but this will be a great chance to see the difference!


Don't get me wrong I'm really happy with this month's box but I have to admit, I was expecting something a little more. Like I said above, when I studied Pop Art in my art lessons, there was always so much colour and the only thing in the box that represented that to me was the Ciate nail varnish, and I didn't even like that! 

There were a few other products that I was happy to receive and I will enjoy testing them out but all in all I was hoping for a little bit more. Bring on next month's box!

Autumn Primark Check Dress OOTD ♥


It's been a while since I've done an OOTD because to be honest,  I never think I ever wear anything worth doing one about but since I've brought quite a lot of new clothes for the Winter months, I thought I could surely be able to find something to put together for an OOTD! Luckily enough for me though I had a family event coming up so I had a perfect excuse to get dressed up and take some pictures!

On one of my recent Primark hauls, I picked up this gorgeous checked shirt dress for only £10! I was a little unsure at first but I loved the colours and it's actually a nice fleece material so it would be perfect to keep you warm without the need of layering up! Another new addition to my wardrobe was my gorgeous panel cut out flat boots. I'd brought a pair of these last year but with a small 3 inch heel and I absolutely adored them so I was desperate to find another pair of this year. The necklace was also from Primark but in last years sale. I got it for only £3 down from about £7 and over the years parts of fell off or come undone but I think this just adds a bit of character to it!

I've also been trying different make-up products lately for the Winter months so I will also be doing an FOTD pretty soon! :)



11 Tips Of The Trade: Hair ♥


After dying my hair for several years in various different colours and I suppose just being a girl in general, you tend to pick up little tips of what you should and shouldn't do when it comes to your hair.

When I was 16, I enrolled in a Hairdressing NVQ Level 2 course at my local college and although at the time I really hated it, I have to admit that I actually learned some good things and it's made me twice when I do anything to my hair.

Now you guys might know these tips and they might not be so secretive BUT they're all tips that I use in my day to day life and honestly, I love reading these sort of posts myself!


tips of the trade hair

1. Try and wash your hair as little as possible. The more you wash, the more you strip your hair of your natural oils. I'd personally invest in a good dry shampoo and try and wash your hair every other day. The longer you can leave, the better!

2. Use a hair mask once every week. We all need pampering once in a while and the same goes for your hair. My favourites are anything containing Argan Oil, it does wonders for my hair!

3. Get your hair trimmed every 8 weeks. Unfortunately there's no cure for split ends apart from cutting them off. Even if you're trying to grow your hair out, a good trim can actually keep your hair in good condition and make your hair grow quicker and fuller.

4. Try not to towel dry your hair too vigorously. It's damaging to your hair! A lot of websites recommend actually drying your hair on paper towels but I think that's a little too drastic. Just pat your hair down and scrunch the ends to get rid of excess water.

5. Brush out those knots! After showering, use a wide tooth comb and gently brush out your knots. Start at your ends then work your way up. Don't start at the top as you'll bring the knot down the length of your hair and end up making the knot worse.

6. When drying your hair, stop when your hair is dry. You're adding unnecessary heat to your hair which is more damaging and will make it look dry and dull.

7. Use products! For the perfect blow-dry, always use a leave-in conditioner or blow dry lotion as a heat protection and cuticle smoother. It'll make all the difference and sometimes you won't need to add extra product to your hair.

8. Download some apps! Having a major hair colour change is damaging to your hair, especially if you don't like it and have to dye it back. Try playing around with makeover programmes on your phone to see if the colour will suit you. This tip has saved me so much time and effect when I have my mad ideas to dye my hair a crazy colour!

9. Don't deny yourself your straighteners or curling tongs! Heat is bad for your hair and can cause your hair to become very dry and brittle but if you use a good heat protectant, it doesn't absorb all the heat and actually reflects it instead.
10. Be careful when buying a new bag! Yes, as stupid as it sounds, it is actually a thing! When using an over the shoulder bag be careful that you don't trap your hair under the strap because just yanking it out will cause breakages and end up giving you more split ends. Try holding the bag differently or tie your hair up.

11. Shampoo your roots only! This one is my favourite and probably the main one I swear by; only shampoo your roots! I've never heard of this before and since I've been trying it I've noticed a big difference in my hair. Before when I shampooed all over my hair including the ends, I would never be able to  get the comb through it without a fight but now I only shampoo the roots, it's a lot smoother and I actually need less leave-in products after. 

I hope you enjoyed these tips and sorry if you know them already!
If theres any tips you use and love, leave me a comment below! :)


Take My Purse Away From Me: Primark & Tesco Haul ♥


I seriously think I have an addiction to shopping as it was only last week that I went up Primark and spent over £70 worth of clothes (post here)! But yet, here I was again trying to reason with myself that I "needed" to go to Primark because I "needed" tights.

I went up and brought the tights. And a few extras as well. Of course!

Hey! At least it gives me a reason to blog ;)


tights and necklace

Tights - 3 pairs for £3.
THE tights. The tights that were so special, I had to make a special journey just to Primark for them. Seriously though, they're really good. They're perfect for work and this one is probably my 4/5th pack because I love them so much!

Necklace - £2.00
It was in the sale and I really liked the colour threaded inbetween the chains. Plus it was in the sale and who can really say no to a good bargain?


Jumper - £8
I eyed up this jumper last week when I went and I always regretted not buying it as I thought it would be a perfect day jumper to just throw on when I was cold. Since buying it yesterday though, I've not taken it off. Literally. 

shirt dress

Shirt Dress - £10
I wasn't sure about this at first as the tartan shift dresses with the peter pan collar seemed to be the more popular option in the Winter months but when I tried it on, I knew I preferred this style a lot better. I always feel that these shirt style dresses are perfect for curvy girls as they go in at the waist and actually accentuate the body! Ooh la la



Top -£5
I'd been looking for a simple little stripe top similar to this for agesssss but I could never find anything that I liked but as soon as I saw this I knew I had to have it. I loved the little chiffon detail at the bottom and on the arms and it actually brings a bit of detail to a "simple" top. This was also my little bargain of the day as it was in the sale with a price tag of £8 but when I got to the till, it had been reduced to £5! Win!


Top - £3
Another top that was in the sale and once again, another little bargain. It's such a pretty little top and I honestly think it's worth a lot more than just £3. It was a little tight around the hips but I thought I could hide that if I wore it with a skirt or maybe some high waisted jeans.

As I said above, I probably need to buy all this but I know I really needed some new clothes for winter as most of what I wore last year is getting old. I am definitely loving Primark's jumper collection at the moment and it was really hard to pick between them all (I'd set myself a limit of only one jumper). 


L'Oreal Casting Sunkiss Jelly: Take 2! ♥


A few months ago I wrote a review on the L'Oreal Casting Sunkiss Jelly and to be honest, I wasn't that impressed with it. I held my hands up though and admitted that my hair was exactly suitable for the product as it's main selling point was that it was specialised for people with natural and uncoloured hair who wanted to experiment with the ombré/sunkissed look. Obviously my hair has been coloured, several times, so I was never going to get an accurate result but since I still had about half a tube left of the jelly from the first time, I thought why not! as it would be a bit of a waste to throw it out.

Now you can apply the jelly on either wet or dry hair but at the time, my hair was dry so I just applied it but thinking about it, I wish I had applied it on wet hair as the first time it was dry and I wonder if it would have given off a different result? Oh well!

take two jelly

What L'Oreal says:
"Get the sunkissed look with Casting Sunkiss Jelly. The fragrant and nourishing jelly is enriched with Camellia Oil, for an oh-so-sweet soft sunkissed look. Its delicate fragrance makes application a true pleasurable experience. The soft translucent leave-in jelly gradually lightens and is designed to create a long-lasting soft sunkissed look. All this, and no ammonia." 
before picture

after picture


As you can see from the pictures, there's not much difference between the before and after. To me, the blonde at the bottom looks slightly lighter in certain lights but over all, it's not touched it. *sad face*

Like I said above though, I'm not going to be negative about the product and say it didn't work because I've read other blogger's reviews about it and they've all been very positive! I also remember as well that you're meant to use the product regularly to notice your hair getting lighter, which I didn't as I wrote the first review back on the 6th August! Whoops!

You can read my first review of this here and you can pick yourself one up from Boots, Superdrug and many other big name shops for around £5.99.


Home Inspiration for the New House! ♥


Moving home is normally a very stressful time for most people but honestly, I love it! I love the chance to get hands on and decorate. I've dreamed about having my own place for such a long time and it feels like I've already planned out how I would love my dream home to be!

Now back in April, I rented out my first place and every day since moving in has been great. Yeah it's took a while to get used to but I've loved every second of it. At the end of the 6 month contract though, we were offered a 3 bedroom house for around the same price as our 1 bedroom flat. So of course it was a bit of a no brainer that we accept! So once again, everything was packed up and we were on the move again!

Now obviously in the new house I'll have rooms to decorate and I'm LOVING it! These are just a few little ideas that I would love to do in my new house and hopefully I might actually try to do some of them!


All pictures used are from Pinterest.
You can check out my other Home Ideas on my page here.