Halloween 2014: Pumpkin Carving Ideas!


Update time!: Sorry for the slow posting for the past few days but this week was moving week and all weekend we were just moving all our furniture in and actually trying to make the house look less of a bomb site! Everything is starting to come together a bit now so I thought it would be a perfect time to start blogging again.

Now I used to love Halloween when I was a little kid as not only was it in my favourite season but there was always something exciting about dressing up in a scary costume and going trick-or-treating. Even though I wasn't allowed to go too far and at that time, a lot of my family lived close to me which made trick-or-treating quite easy (or cheating, whichever way you look at it), I LOVED it!

Putting aside all the costumes and candy though, my favourite part was the pumpkin carving. I love lighting my candles and wax burners and Halloween actually gives me a reason to light a few candles! When I was younger though, my mom would always hate doing it and every year Mr Jack O'Lantern seemed to be in the same old boring smiley face as we weren't very creative. But this year I decided it would be different and I'd actually make an effort with my pumpkins and the best place I could think of for some inspiration was Pinterest

The pictures I used in this post aren't the most "scarier" types but I thought were more creative.

little mermaid pumpkin
pumpkin tree pumpkin
 cat pumpkin
 boo pumpkin

These pictures are all from Pinterest.
You can check out my other pins here :)



  1. wooooo the spirit of Halloween! Love these pumpkins <3

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    1. Thank you :) I can't wait to buy my pumpkin this year! xo