Mini Tesco Direct Sale Haul Under £15! ♥


As the seasons are starting to change that normally means that most stores are desperate to get rid of their old stock to make way for the new. I've been checking out a lot of clothing sales but to be honest, I've not been that impressed. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I wasn't very keen on most of this Summer's fashion trends anyway with the bright neon colours or the "cute" quote t-shirts when it was new and the fact that a nice new reduced price tag still doesn't tempt me into buying them. I think I'll just wait until the Autumn/Winter ranges come out.

I did however manage to find a few things that I really wanted on the Tesco Direct website. I love looking on the F&F page as Tesco Clothing is actually quite decent but once again, nothing appealed to me but instead of just closing the window, I decided to take a look on the Tesco Direct page. I'm currently in the process of moving home so if there was anything for the house in the sale, I'd definitely be buying it!

Instead of actually finding anything for the house, I did manage to fill my basket with a lot of beauty products which was on sale so I thought I would treat myself and order them!

tesco direct 
First off I want to say what a waste of packaging Tesco! I ordered 7 items in total and instead of sending them all in one parcel, they separated them and sent in in 5! What is going on Tesco?!

The first box alone contained one item but the second box did better and had 3 items. The bubble wrap packaged at the bottom of the picture contained just one nail varnish. I didn't even get a proper bag for that, it was just wrapped up in bubble wrap! The grey thin bag on top of the boxes contained a lip balm! All that for a lip balm!

I haven't even received the last item but since it apparently hadn't even been dispatched from the warehouse, I thought I would continue on without it.


Spearmint Lantern - £2.50
Admittedly this wasn't in the sale but it was so cute and I thought it would be a perfect little decoration for my new study/office.

L'Oreal Elnett Heat Protect Spray Volume - £1.00
I was so excited when I saw this for only £1! I'm guessing it's a similar product to the Tresemme 7 day Treatment as it sounds like it does the same thing but for £1 I don't think I'd be too gutted if it didn't really work as well.

Maybelline Color Show in Midnight Taupe - £1.80
 I had a very similar colour to this from the Avon range a few years back and I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately it ran out as I'd used it that much so I was really excited to finally get a replacement. I did also order another nail varnish from the Maybelline range called Burgandy Kiss but I have no idea when that will get to me!

Yankee Candle Bermuda Beach Melt - £1.20
I absolutely LOVE Yankee candles and a few weeks ago my friend brought me hot wax burner to try. Ever since my first melt I've been in love! I find the melts to be so much better than candles and the smell lasts so much longer! I haven't actually tried this scent but for £1.20 and the fact that nearly every Yankee Candle I smell I love, I thought it was worth a try!

Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss - £1.93
This has to be my favourite Baby Lips. I love the peach scent and the fact that it leaves a very subtle but noticeable nude colouring to your lips. Even after the colour has faded, it leaves you with the feeling of super soft lips, like a babies. DUH!
jelly belly

Jelly Belly Car Air Vent in Very Cherry - £3.50
I was never able to have air vent air fresheners in my old car as they never fit properly so since I brought my new car, as sad as it sounds, I was quite excited about being able to finally purchase one! The only Jelly Belly scent that was on sale was the Very Cherry which worked out great for me as I absolutely LOVE Cherries.

 This was everything that was actually delivered to me, like I said I still have one more thing outstanding which I'm a little gutted about. I still really annoyed about the waste of packaging as well as as you can see, I didn't really order that much and everything that I did order was small enough to all be fitted into one of those boxes. No offence Tesco, but no wonder you're not doing very well when you can waste money like this!



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you :) I'm really happy with everything xo

  2. Those lanterns are so so cute!!

    Abi |

    1. They still have the mint ones on the Tesco website :) The cream one is actually from Poundland! Bargain! xo

  3. I cannot believe you got all of that for under £15!? That Elnette spray was such a bargain!

    Rachael at

    1. That was £15 including the P&P as well! :) I'm so excited to try the Elnette spray :) xo