New Hair, Don't Care: Full Fringe!


This week, I thought I would take the plunge and do something a little different with my hair by cutting in a fringe. Now this might not seem seem like a big thing to you but I've not a good experience when it comes to cutting my own fringe. One great story was when I was about 10, I woke up early one morning and decided I wanted my full fringe trimmed. My mom was still asleep so I took it upon myself to do it. Long story short, I couldn't get it straight (obviously, I was 10 and had no hairdressing skills) so I kept cutting up and up until I had a little tuft left in my fringes place. But instead of leaving it there, I thought "this looks stupid, I know what I can do!" and I got my mom's shaver and shaved the rest of the hair off. I went around for months with a little shaven triangle on the front of my head. True Story!

Over 10 years later (AND a hairdressing course under my belt just for good measure) I thought it was time to pick up the scissors again and bring the fringe back. It's a lot easier to do than people might think and there's lots of videos of Youtuber's giving advice on how to DIY. I would personally suggest checking out Grace Helbig's hilarious video of her cutting her "bangs". Not so much for the instructions, but just because she's amazing!



Instagram shot!

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