September Empties: Would I Re-buy?


I never really know how to start these posts, maybe "See all the stuff I've used this month"? Are people really that interested or is this just for the nosey people because I know I love reading posts like this myself!

Either way, here's what I used in September!

garnier shampoo and conditioner

Garnier Ultimate Blends The Sleek Restorer Shampoo and Conditioner. As you can see I had to use two bottles of conditioner to one bottle of shampoo. That's just how much conditioner my hair needs!
If you're a lover of coconut or cocoa butter then these would be perfect for you as the smell really is amazing. As soon as I squirted it out of the bottle, the scent was gorgeous but slightly overpowering. I wouldn't necessarily say they made any difference to my hair but it was nice for the scent.
Would I re-buy? I would but only if it was on offer again.

dry shampoo

Batiste Pixie Lott & Blush Dry Shampoo. I knew I use a lot of dry shampoo but three cans in one month is really bad, even if two of them are mini size! I cannot fault Batiste though and every new fragrance they've ever brought out I've loved.
Would I re-buy? Of course!


Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in True Ivory. At first I wasn't keen on this foundation and I actually wrote a blog post which was pretty negative about it but I decided to give it another go and I ended up liking it a little. It was still a little too oily for my skin which I orginially didn't like about it but with a good primer and powder to set, it was actually a nice little foundation.
Would I re-buy? Yes!

W7 Conceal Me Concealer in Medium. I brought this from my local Poundland thinking it would be okay for work but I actually ended up using it for going out more instead. It concealed really well and it also had tea tree as an ingredient so it wasn't so bad for your skin.
Would I re-buy? Yes I would, definitely


Primark Deep Facial Cleansing Wipes. MORE face wipes. I'm not going to say too much about face wipes as they seem to be in every empties post that I do. 
Would I re-buy? Of course!

Nivea Energy Fresh Deodorant. I've brought this deodorant several times over the past few months as it's such a nice scent. I've tried deodorants before and they're way too perfumes and after a few hours actually make me feel a bit sick but this energy fresh and very light and airy and does last through a whole day.
Would I re-buy? Yes I would :)


Avon Far Away Bella Perfume. I've had this for about a year now and I've been scared to use it in the last few months encase I ran out. I wasn't keen on Far Away the original as it was quite strong but Far Away Bella is a much gentler, floral scent and it was always my "go-to" perfume.
Would I re-buy? Yes! Unfortunately my Avon Rep quit so I have to find someone new :(

I think I'm quite nice when it comes to empties post as I always put that I'd rebuy things. I'm not sure if this is because half of the things I post are products I've already tried and tested before so I'll always go back to them or if I just generally like a lot of things!

I'm also thinking of scrapping the empties post idea. 
What do you think?


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